My Currently Emotional Thoughts

Subject: My Currently Emotional Thoughts
From: YellowButterfly
Date: 18 Oct 2020

Hmm...Where do I start? Well it's 9:42am this sunday morning and I am having this thoughts of too much overthinking. I don't know what to say and I don't know what to feel. No one to talk to, just me and my plants. Well apperently I have my family but I am too shy to share this emotional thoughts I am going through right now. Because I am worried that they might think of me as a Drama Queen, but I am not so imma just keep this through myself. So this past few weeks I had this emotional breakdown that to the point i cried and cannot control it anymore. I've been thinking so many things like being pressure in so many things that i don't even wanna talk about and put much effort on it. I am trying and keeping myself as strong as possible. The problem here is i have trust issues, trust that was broken years ago and up until now i still don't trust anyone right now. And i have this feeling that i just want to be alone, like don't bother me coz imma breakdown again and again and remembering those awful past of mine. Anyway i will stop here for awhile...kinda bit busy.