To my Cheater Ex

Subject: To my Cheater Ex
From: someone who loves you so much
Date: 21 Jul 2023

Hello Red,

I hate you right now. You are a cheater! A Liar! and a manipulator.
I hate you because I wasted my time loving you.
I hate you because you made me believe that I am the only one, that there was only you and me in our world. And I found out that you are cheating on me half of the time of our relationship. You meet and fuck others. You made me believe that I am the only one, the only one you love so much, you cared so much, you treasured so much. You always give that assurance that the is only me and nothing else. I am hurt, I am mad at you, cause until now even though I forgive you still able and manage to cheat on me, lied on me and manipulate everything. I am hurt, I am crying in pain, my heart is in pain. I hate you so much!!!!!