To my boyfriend who's staying to make me happy

Subject: To my boyfriend who's staying to make me happy
From: Your girlfriend who misses the old you
Date: 16 Feb 2016

A week ago we were talking about forever, you were moving with me to Boston and we were going to be happy. Then Friday you ended it because you said you weren't happy. Monday we got back together. Today is Tuesday, we almost broke up again today but I gave up all of my morals and college dreams to convince you to try it for another week. Everyone is telling me I'm dumb and you don't want me but you're telling me you love me. You're also telling me you don't see us working out. You asked me not to text you as much and I respected it you asked me to let you smoke pot when you know that I am in an NJROTC program and if I get caught near weed my dreams are ruined. You know I get anxious when you don't text me BUT I'm letting it slide. We have been fighting a lot recently but I think we will work through it, you on the other hand don't. I have no clue why I keep trying knowing that no matter what I do you will leave me and not care. I cry all the time but when we were broken up all I wanted was you because I can't imagine my life with out you. We just celebrated our three month so it's not like I have known you forever but I honestly don't see my life with out you. So boyfriend I'm asking you to please forget about the fact that we may not work out and focus on the fact that we very well might. I love you, I just wish you felt the same.