To my AMAZING little brother

Subject: To my AMAZING little brother
From: The proudest sister in the world
Date: 28 Jun 2017

My brother, I grew up playing, fighting, teaching, telling on, protecting, hating, loving and much more. With you I have some of the best memories in the world! You ensured I remained immature right into my adult life, and never letting me take anything too seriously. Over the past three years we had really begun to grow a much closer friendship. I learnt just how terrifyingly similar we are as we made plans to do so many adventurous activities together!

I have so many regrets. I didn't teach you to drive, buy you the best presents, I shouted at you and gave out to you for the silliest things. I travelled the world and seen so many places you would love and never took you there to see them. For this I am truly sorry!

I had the absolute pleasure of watching you grow from a tiny baby to a handsome young man. Oh how much I wish I got to see the next stages in your life. Your wedding, your family, your career and your silly decisions. But I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of everything about you. How much you care for others before yourself, your grit and determination, your strength to get through the tough times.

I don't know if God is real, if heaven is real even if afterlife is real but it is totally worth the risk. I am coming to see you soon. You are my best friend and I LOVE YOU


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