Missing pieces

Subject: Missing pieces
Date: 31 Jul 2021

Even though I hold you tight in my arms at night. Why do I feel something is missing inside of me? Can I ever get back that whole feeling that got broken? The days run on end. I can't sleep. Just thinking of another getting your affection. The secret conversation that happened. The provocative pictures that where sent. The affection I would just die for from you. I AM RIGHT HERE! am I not enough anymore? Why can't I be the one you want to have secret conversations with? Why can't I be the one you desire and lust for? Did I become to fat? Lazy? Neglectful? I feel so inadequate. I try and try not to think about it but can't stop my mind sometimes. I want you to love me like that. How do I get that? Is it even possible? Can you even love me like that after all these years? Or is that a love I will never feel? Is this why I feel something is missing inside me? Because you gave a piece of your heart to another? A piece that once was mine. Can I ever be whole again without it? I want to be the first one when you wake up you crave and desire. What happened to our fire and passion? Where did it go wrong? I know we have 2 beautiful kids and I love them more then life its self but it started with me and you together. Working as a team. Laughing and loving each other with passion and fire. How do we get that back? How do I fix what I have broken and make you want me again? Please I would do anything to see that Unconditional love in your eyes for me again.