To men who want to date women

Subject: To men who want to date women
From: Clarice
Date: 16 Sep 2019

Before I start this letter I would like to say that I have been in some relationships and I have failed in all my relationships. But, when I look back I see nothing but winning instead of failure because I learned some things that I can work on my next relationship until I find the right one. In this letter, I will provide some tips for the male daters out there in Hong Kong. I will give a couple of tips on how to improve your dates or in your case your first date.

The first tip is whenever you go on your date in Hong Kong especially your first date you want to bring a rose for your loved one. I would recommend you bringing a yellow rose instead of a red rose to make things more interesting with your date. She will be in ponder what a yellow rose means, and you will explain to her that the yellow rose is a symbol of trust and love with a purity that can last a lifetime. I don't know about yellow roses and females, but they seem to love to receive yellow roses. Maybe it's a symbol of romance or a sign of love that they have been looking for for a very long time.

The second tip would be to pick up your date at the exact time you promised to pick her up because being on time indicates that you care for the date and she is more important in your life. Never be late always be on time and the female will appreciate it and always be thankful for your honesty. Because, I used to be late to all my dates and the females would always get really upset, but after a dinner and movie things would be all good and back to normal.

I would recommend these couple of tips for your first date, or maybe your second date. Just keep in mind that the reason you are dating her is, that she is a gift from God that needs to be cherished. Do things right the first time and things will work out just fine with no complications. I would encourage my readers worldwide to leave me comments on my work and please leave me comments in the box below this letter. I just wanted to encourage people to look up to better things in life and never give up even if you fail at everything, and thanks for reading.