Maybe It Takes A Near Death Experience To Feel Alive

Subject: Maybe It Takes A Near Death Experience To Feel Alive
From: Jordan Charles
Date: 9 May 2018

Would you look at how far we've come! I think we all collectively share this grandiose view of the future and all of the fascinating advancements that will come along with it. It seems as if being human means that our only true desire is to make things easier for ourselves. It can always be faster. More reliable. Less issues. The longer we live on this planet the more we figure out what works versus what doesn't. This is wisdom. But somewhere along the way we became entranced in this idea that in order for things to become easier, we must make life harder to ensure a positive outcome.
In the name of progress, this makes sense. You have to struggle in order to achieve the results you want. But what if we're confusing our inherent struggle for betterment with drama?
Perhaps because the two can be so difficult to differentiate, we ultimately end up making things harder on ourselves.
Now without question, everything about this universe is a drama. The Earth is our stage, people are the characters and our words are the script. We experience an endless array of emotions that cause this grand production to have a deep and profound impact on our souls, causing us to stare at our hands and say "holy crap, this is real!"

But as real as things may seem, that doesn't necessarily mean they matter. When faced with a problem, people naturally look for ways to develop a solution to overcome it. We consider what could work, what could fail, but ultimately go for best plan of action that fits the situation. The solution is our destination and what we strive to achieve. Too often we are told "don't focus on the end goal" and "enjoy the journey". This advice sounds great. It helps us cultivate presence and allows us to live in the moment. However, take a look at the current state of our reality. We live in a time period that is riddled with distractions literally designed to take hold and deviate our consciousness. We can't overlook the fact that there are people who make good money off simply capturing and holding our attention. In fact, our attention could arguably more valuable than the money in our pocket, because unlike money we all share the same amount of hours in a day. It is harder to remain present in today's world than it has ever been in human history. And it's only going to get harder. So how can we remain grounded in the present, avoid distractions and properly take steps toward our envisioned future?

My newfound remedy is choosing to live in the future. Realize that everything that has culminated to this point throughout history was the product of somebody's vision of what they believed tomorrow should look like. We must understand that what we call the present, every human being before us referred to as the future. We are never not living the culmination of our end result. Take a moment to picture your final destination. Imagine whatever it is that you are looking to achieve in your time on Earth that appears to be far away and grasp it within your mind. Let the image grow. What specifically does it entail? Who is with you? What about the vision makes it feel so attainable? Now that you've cultivated an image in your mind, stay there! Whatever you do, try not to leave. And when the time comes (right now) to continue taking steps towards that future, keep envisioning it. If we keep our final destination in the forefront of our mind, our conscience has no choice but to begin generating activities that serve the future we want. What we do with that information is our choice. It's the immersion into positivity and optimism for the future that will one day bring it to fruition. Not to say that things will always turn out exactly how you intended (they rarely do), but at least you can be confident that all the steps you took in your life were consciously towards creating a reality of your choice.

-Jordan Charles