to life's great expectations

Subject: to life's great expectations
Date: 26 Nov 2016

great expectations. that's all life is. seven billion people on this earth and I think we can all find something or someone to be disappointed in. no matter your ethnicity, your religion, your country, your job or how wealthy you are, of any other variable that can change from person to person, disappointment resonates with us all.
disappointment comes from so many things. what someone thinks is petty might mean the whole world to someone else. what one person deems unjust another will call it justice.
the world is fucked. this planet is doomed. as time goes on the earth becomes more and more populated. more and more opinions are born. more and more people come along with new and different ideas. as the worlds population expands so does our thinking.
as human we pride ourselves on the fact that we're free thinking. most of our lives aren't dominated by the things that separate us from the other species we share this earth with. I think people forget to realize, while it may be our greatest quality, its also our worst.
people protest and riot and speak and sing about the things that mean something to them. about faith, politics, money, love, equality. the world will never be equal. equality for all will never exist. it is impossible. the human race as a whole will never ever agree on everything. our capability to verbally argue and to form opinions is what tears us apart. but its what makes us human. so we'll continue to riot and protest and speak our minds, all the while thinking what we believe is right and something else is wrong. we'll keep voicing our opinions and speaking our minds until we all run out of breath. in time things will change, for better or worse, depending on whose eyes you're looking through. but even with all the change that is comes along, so do new ideas and new ways of thinking. and new changes will come with that. so, we as human, will continue to pride ourselves on the thing that is destroying us. we'll continue to hope for the best, and continue to be disappointed in the life we hold so dear.