Letting go of a addict

Subject: Letting go of a addict
From: Mazza
Date: 3 Dec 2017

Memories flash through my mind laughter love and dreams we had together I was your Angel you said ...the sunshine slowly disappears ..the devil comes knocking ..I watch my love my best Friend slowly disappear ..your soul becomes consumed by poison you have relapsed ...I dive in wanting to save you from drowning... My love my best friend is returned to me clean ...so I thought this goes on for nearly 4years ..slowly a stranger is before me ..a empty shell with a toxic tounge I search your eyes that were once a beautiful blue that are now grey ..I cry god knows I have cried from the pit of my stomach ...lies distrust ..watching my friends getting on building dreams having normal lived ..slowly I feel invisible to you used...I have tried I fought for your soul ...this is your fight I had to leave I had to save myself from your reckless destructive ways ...I only pray to god that it works out for you ...my love was not enough... My tears or my effort... But I now step from the dark back into the light . I will always love the man I first met ..my blue eyes...my best friend... I will keep them memories if love laughter dreams in my heart...but its my turn to live again to have peace of mind


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