A Letter To Your Broken Heart

Subject: A Letter To Your Broken Heart
From: The Girl Who Broke It
Date: 6 Apr 2017

Disclaimer: The inspiration that made me write this letter was from Sam Hunts "Break Up In a Small Town" Love him and that song :)

I saw you today, and we acknowledged each other for the first time in weeks. You don't look good. You almost look angry...but not at me (I hope). You have this different look about you now that we are separated..a look that makes me fear you. I think our relationship was too forced. It seemed like it was driven from loneliness and not love..at least for me anyway. I was so lonely and itching for that kind of love that all my friends had..I was jealous. So I went for it, with you. I realize now that that was the wrong thing to do. I dragged our relationship out for months, when deep down I knew you were not the one for me. It was not your fault in the slightest..and you would constantly beat yourself up for nothing you could control. I needed to do what was best for me...what would make me happy.

What hurt me the most throughout the entire breakup was that you did not understand. You made the entire thing about you, and how hurt you were [and I get that] but you never took into account my happiness. You would constantly nag me about how much you loved me and how much I hurt you, and I had gotten to my breaking point. So I stopped answering your texts. It just got easier. I hate conflict more than anything, and I wanted to be civil so bad, but I get the shit end of the stick every time. I know I hurt you...I know you're angry, but the sudden stares and the silence kills me when we are in the same room. It pains me to walk into a conversation that our mutual friends are having, and you can't even look at me.

It honestly sucks, because I did something to benefit myself, and I feel like the worst person in the world. Another factor that didn't help the situation in the slightest was social media. It made things ten times worse. I was unfollowed or blocked on every social media site possible. I swear, if you had tumblr I would have been unfollowed. To make things worse, your friends who had become my friends, started unfollowing me. I didn't want things to end the way they did. I wanted you to be understanding..but that wasn't the case, and you showed me a whole new side of you that I didn't like. You were dramatic- and I know you had every right to be, but it got a little extreme..I was taken back. I thought you were better than that.

I'm writing you this letter to apologize for not being the girl you thought I was. Forgive me for being human. I'm sorry I broke your heart. So I hope this overly dramatic letter was helpful, and I meant every single word. Your dream girl is out there somewhere; don't give up on that. Love her better then you loved me. Think of me as just a bump in the road on the journey to find that perfect girl. Forget about me..I obviously wasn't worth it...I wasted your time, and for that I'm sorry.

xoxo- The girl who broke your heart


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