A Letter to the Woman Who Has No Soul

Subject: A Letter to the Woman Who Has No Soul
From: A Broken, but Strong Woman
Date: 19 Feb 2015

In life all thing intertwine. That being said...

I've been there. I'm the woman who has been through everything you could possibly think of. I've survived numerous sexual assaults, abuse, prostitution, depression, drugs, alcoholism, and I think myself the stronger for it. Being through what I have been has created an enormous amount of strength and compassion in me. My heart goes out to every person that I see in pain.

I am proud of my heart. It's been beaten, ripped apart, and spat on, but it's still beating.

There are women who have been through tremendous amounts of pain, such as myself, who go through the pain and fight back...who I immediately care for and want to support. You are not one of them. Because there are also people who haven't been through anything hard in life who just enjoy causing others pain. That's you.

To the woman, who has been through nothing difficult in life, who has tried to undermine, destroy, wreck, and whatever other words, do, to my relationship...I know you. You have had what some would describe as "the perfect life." I don't hate you for it. I grew up with a rich family as well. What I do hate you for is your lack of a soul. Your self centeredness. Your completely nonexistent amount of empathy. If you think you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it in life, including this man...you are sadly mistaken. I'm the biggest lover there is but I'm also a fighter. I don't mean I will physically fight you. I mean that I will never give up on love. I will fight to protect this man that YOU have hurt through your lack of loyalty. Do not punish me for your mistakes. I have been through enough. All I want is to be happy.

Beauty isn't always about the external. I know I'm more physically attractive than you. It doesn't matter. What you haven't noticed is that I have a huge heart. You have been selfish and thrown everyone who ever loved you to the wayside. Manipulated, lied, kept his children from him..I find it nearly impossible to find an ounce of love for you in my heart. All I see is a selfish, childish woman. Go ahead and tell my man that he was supposed to wait for you and not be with me. I hate to break it to you but he's still with me. This isn't about who has what. This is about love. I love this man that you tossed aside and broke. I will forever stand by him in his brokenness. I hope that you decide to be loyal to your boyfriend and that you manage to have a happy life. Please stop messing with mine.



May I ask why you will fight for a love of a man who would even think to cheat on you. You are a powerful , strong beautiful lady and you are forgetting another person is responsible here and it is your man !! If he is broken it is because he allowed another woman to join your partnership and that is the price he has to pay . But WHY do you need to suffer? Go on and find better because as the old expression goes... Once a cheater,always a cheater !!