A letter to the US government killing my music career

Subject: A letter to the US government killing my music career
From: a band without a face
Date: 14 Apr 2016

Hello, my name is Rob. I am a teacher of music in northern VA, and I also play bass in a band here in DC, Wings Denied. We are managed and have toured nationally as well as many east coast ventures.
For the past year and a half our singer has been unable to join us in the states due to visa issues. Our singer is from Croatia. He graduated from university here, which is where we all met. He is a good friend and hardworking band member. His name is Luka and he is no threat to the US. As a matter of truth he is an asset to our arts here and our ability to still follow dreams here in America. I would even vouch for him myself.
The problem is Wings Denied is not large enough as a band to warrant an artist visa, we are told, yet he cannot tour with a band and earn a living without said artist visa. He has been on the international X factor, yet still we cannot, as a country, let him ply his craft in the US. We wish to do things the proper way and be patient with the process, but the US visa situation seems deadset on ignoring his and our futures. This has stopped the music flat as well as killed four Americans' once promising careers in their tracks. A band today can't very well go on correctly without their singer/ the face of the band. Labels do not even acknowledge an incomplete band.
We have a chance at showing the world what American rock/prog metal can be. This is our passion. This is who we are. And we have tried nearly every option. My government is now standing in the way of my career and it is the most disheartening thing I can type. But I do still believe in the process and this letter is a hope that I can get something to shine a light and help us. Is there anything you can do?
Thank You,