A Letter to Suicide

Subject: A Letter to Suicide
Date: 11 Dec 2015

How dare you?
How dare you take my friend?
How dare you try to take my brother?
How dare you?

You’re hushed and guileful
You’re agonizing
And you’re often successful

You take life
You steal it away
From kids
From adults
From parents
From siblings
From friends
From lovers

But that doesn’t matter to you

You take life from so many
Are you happy?
Do you feel good?
Because I hurt
And now you’re trying to take me.

You bastard.
I will not go
I will not follow you
I will not listen to you
I will not give in

I am strong
Because I have to be
I have to be for those who weren’t
For my friend
For my brother
For everyone else you stole