A Letter to the One I Shouldve Said No to.

Subject: A Letter to the One I Shouldve Said No to.
From: The Girl Who Loved You Anyway
Date: 19 Feb 2016

It was fun and easy. No strings. No attachment. Thats how it started at least. I denied the change for a long time. But i finally realized i was attached, and by then, it was too late. I was too far gone. I fell for you, and there wasnt anything i could do. And when i admitted it to you, you told me you had feelings too. Come to find out, these were just words to you. You just trying to make sure nothing changed between us. It took me 2 years. Almost 3 for me to finally say i couldnt play the games anymore. I couldnt be just your friend. Not even your lover. If you couldnt love me the way i loved you. You treated me like crap. You called me a whore. You called me a slut. You made it clear that i was nothing but a piece of meat to you. And even as you made no commitment to me, and you were with all these other woman, and i the occasional other man, i still wanted no one but you. I came running at every call. I should've said no. The first time you asked to hang out. I should've said no the first time you tried to kiss me. I shouldve said no the first time you touched me. I should have said no. But i didnt.

But now i am. No to your games. No to your empty words. I am saying no.

But that doesnt mean i love you not. It just means, i now love myself more.