A letter to Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary after two years of her failure to answer a complaint

Subject: A letter to Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary after two years of her failure to answer a complaint
From: JJ
Date: 25 Mar 2018

Dear Olivia Pinkney,

As a vulnerable victim of police violence and abuse, and your force protecting my abusers by abusing me themselves, I am appalled at your lack of response to my concerns, you re-condemn me for my abusers and your force who think that they can brand me as mad, and as a result of branding me as mad, can keep coming after me at my abusers' behest, bruatlizing me and making me homeless.

As Chief Constable, I would like you to respond to me properly and courteously and explain why I am living in fear and as a fugitive. I would like you and Michael Lane to explain why you have time to use abuse as a PR stunt in the press and media while you are failing to resolve a decade of your force's police violence, dishonesty, misconduct and harassment that has left me destroyed, traumatized, homeless, a fugitive and on the run.

Your behaviour isn't acceptable. Deal with the abuse first, advertise yourselves afterwards. And if you object to the bad language in this letter, remember, you have condoned your force beating and harassing a vulnerable adult and making her out to be mad on behalf of high profile abusers, who your force continue to protect.

Your force must stop whining about police cuts, I support the police cuts because it means you have less time to systemically beat and imprison the vulnerable, which is how you spend your time instead of dealing with abusers. My abusers remain protected in their positions of power, protected by your force. Your force is a disgrace, and no reviews by HMIC are able to reflect the reality of what really goes on.

HMIC aren't on the receiving end of Hampshire Constabulary's behaviour, what they get is the PR and pretences, which includes the creation of the ignorant and nasty Operation Amberstone, who pretend to care about abuse victims for the sake of PEEL reports, while Amberstone's actions towards me for my abusers have been horrific, and their attempt to blame me for their illegal behaviour has been even more so.

You need to address a decade of misconduct by Hampshire Constabulary. Not doing so, and blocking and ignoring me, adds to your misconduct, and continuing to turn up at any tenancy I take without warrants or reasons, just to defame me and make me homeless, is a very serious misconduct.

Now look at this video, your force behaved far far worse even than this, because they feel that they can and that they can get away with it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yi1jWXFIgMM

A Statement to Hampshire Constabulary. 11/03/2018 cc police complaints and Somerset Constabulary.

This is copied to Somerset Police, the grown-up police force that forced the childish Hampshire Constabulary to break the silence that they keep up in between attacking me for my abusers.

Astoundingly most of this was written straight out of waking flashbacks this morning, before I opened my old email address and found that astoundingly both Hampshire Constabulary and Chief Constable, had both emailed me in the last few days, which is abnormal. They have ignored me and my communications for years while destroying me. Indeed were evidenced to block my desperate cries for help and make me out to be mad in 2013/14 as I was publicly and openly destroyed by my abusers.

Unfortunately the Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset was part of Hants Police and allowed the harm to me to continue while he was under investigation for abuse too, so presumably Hants constabulary are only threatening me.

Somerset Police must be very powerful, to be able to kick a response out of our local corrupt nazi children who call themselves a police force. Or maybe it is Hampshire's old chief constable, an abuse supect himself, closing the matter down and encouraging Hants to attack me again as they did while he was chief constable here.

Somerset Police, be aware that Hampshire Constabulary had already received the same documents as you and more, and ignored them until you acted responsibly and forced them. Credit to you, Somerset, I have never seen anyone force our corrupt bunch of nazis who call themselves police, to respond to me.

Never. Lawless as hell and with no professional standards or police complaints body, you forcing the bastards was pretty impressive, I would come and live in Bath, as I love it dearly and know it has decent police, but my abusers are there, Hancock and Key and at the moment I am exiled from my home town of Winchester by my abusers, who openly ripped through my friendships and community with slander and broke the law with impunity, with the police's blessing.
Is there any chance you can kick Hampshire Social services as well, seeing as they took part and have also branded me and deliberately failed to protect me and allowed me to be seriously harmed, indeed aided an abuser in abusing me? Their and the police's actions led to my long term rough sleeping and the rapes and beatings that I obviously had no access to police to report.

Somerset Police, the reason I didn't stay in Bath in 2010 and tell you about my abusers was because the police in Hampshire had already viciously branded me and refused to protect me, and I knew you would either refer the matter back to them and they would do nothing and slander me to you, or they would get you to beat me and lock me up like they do. Hampshire Constabulary went on beating me and locking me up for my abusers after that, when I was forced to return to Hampshire. Nothing has been done about ANY of the illegal actions of my abusers nor the misconduct of Hants Police.

Somerset Police, you got the corrupt bastards to acknowledge that they have seen documents that contain a complaint and evidence. Now watch them do nothing until I sue them.

Now, both forces, this is a reiteration of the complaints against my abusers and the police. Hampshire Constabulary are not competent to deal with abuse or victims, and my case, complaint against the police and the abuse, needs to go to another force, not Somerset, obviously, Somerset's duty of care lies with ensuring that Peter Hancock and Bob and Daphne Key are prevented from continuing to abuse, and abuse includes Peter Hancock's falsehoods about safeguarding when he has been involved in destroying me and upholding wrongdoers.

Dear Hampshire Constabulary. During my adult life:

· You have failed to prevent me from being abused, and have aided abusers in harming me

· You have time to pose in the press and media but not to deal with a very serious and life-altering decade of police misconduct.

· You have inflicted violence on me and harmed me for life.

· You have branded me and harmed me for life.

· You have left me living as a branded and terrified fugitive, outside of society.

· Your branding of me on the damned by one, damned by all system, ie police, social, NHS, means I have no access to NHS treatment and have been treated appallingly on top of everything you and my abusers have inflicted. My story isn't heard against those 'legal' brandings and abuses of me.

· You object to me standing up to my abusers but you won't deal with them, so I have to and will, and will ignore your efforts against me on their behalf. If you won't do your job, I have to do it for you.

· You have repeatedly failed to stop my abusers from continuing to harm me when asked.

· You have actively prevented me from rebuilding my life, repeatedly, on behalf of and in conjunction with, my abusers.

· You have used terrible excuses such as making me out to be mad or 'needing long term care' as an excuse for allowing high profile people to continue to harm me. You haven't been able to explain why you have allowed evidenced harm to me if those are your excuses, and I am waiting for you to explain why you would allow evidenced harm to someone who is, according to you, mad or in need of long term care. It is the same catch22 that my abusers aren't being made to answer to, why did they publicly destroy a vulnerable adult?

· On the subject of long term care, why, if the problem is me needing long term care, did you attack my home without a warrant and involve my landlord and neighbours, it would be a serious misconduct against a normal person, but to terrorize a vulnerable adult that way and later claim it is because she needs 'long term care' is a sackable offence. Why weren't Murray and Philipson-Masters and their nasty men sacked?

· The lies about my case being referred to Marmion 'because Amberstone don't deal with that kind of thing' remain unanswered, why did they attack my home on the grounds that I need long term care and then fictitiously refer the matter to Marmion because Amberstone don't deal with that kind of thing. I am sure Marmion don't do long term care, they are a failed child abuse operation and I was certainly not referred to them nor were they investigating my case at any point, it was a lie. And you think I'm the one who is nuts? Really?

· On the subject of long term care again, who in the police was qualified to make such a judgement, and on what grounds? If you read my daily blog, it is obvious that my self-care skills are excellent, Amberstone were reading it in the run up to their attack, so why did they attack me on the grounds that I needed long term care? It's not police business - see for yourselves my life because of you, and name any incidence in which, injured and destroyed as I am, I haven't done my best for myself: http://lifeafterthediocese.blogspot.co.uk/ and the problem is severe trauma from the police and abusers working together and destroying me to protect high profile wrongdoers. Read it, it shows you.

· I live as a fugitive due to the police cruelty and three years of press and media hatred, and again if you make that out to be insanity, your colleague Bob Hill, who collapsed defending my life from those hate attacks obviously wasn't mad, read his version of events, inaccurate but showing the press and media hatred and inciting of the public to attack me. Bob lost his life because of your criminal misconduct in refusing to stop the harm to me, blocking my cries for help, and acting as if the evidenced and open harm to me was acceptable, if you think I am mad and thus vulnerable, why is abuse of me OK in your eyes, you brutes? Your violence to me will never heal, nor will the burden of a good man's life being wasted on my ruined and worthless life. The last post on here was written days before Bob collapsed defending my life


· The police have continued to blindly attack, re-traumatize and brand me for my abusers since the Amberstone attack, the damage isn't healable, each police attack injures me for life as well as humiliating and destroying me. Professional Standards never resolved the Amberstone attack, and I have never received and apology and Amberstone continued their harmful and jeering behaviour of making me out to be at fault and protecting my abusers, but the police attack last year in October for the abusers who the police continue to blankly refuse to deal with because of their status, also remains unresolved.

· It is an added harm to me that the 'police and crime commissioner' a man who gets fat off the taxpayer for doing nothing, and the Chief Constable, have been trotting out the lines of the PR firm about caring about victims, they shouldn't do that as they don't care, and the chief constable has failed to even respond to the complaints to her about Amberstone, the decade of police harm, the failure by professional standards, and the most recent attack on me by the police for my abusers, the abusers who the police should have already arrested for the evidenced harm to me, while the police have blocked me and made me out to be mad. Why are the abusers still at liberty to attack and destroy me with the police when there is evidence of their wrongdoing? Status should not be an excuse but it would appear that Status is an excuse and the police would prefer me to be mad because they daren't arrest my abusers. The Peter Ball case all over again, no lessons learned.

· This matter isn't going away just because of the police's ignorant and archaic attitude that makes them believe that autism and trauma are madness that will override the criminal actions of the high profile abusers who have openly and proudly abused and destroyed their victim, with the police's help. Your victim screams in nightmares and wakes suffering trauma that is magnified by the injustices. It isn't acceptable, and your inaccurate records and branding do not make it acceptable, it makes you guilty of negligence and misconduct.

· Leaving someone living in fear, branded, and suffering trauma, is abuse, and the police are guilty of abuse, their violence against me will not heal and has not been addressed, their dishonesty, their refusal to restrain my abusers and efforts to make me out to be at fault, every day that I live with this is a day of trauma, a night of nightmares. Amberstone attacking me FOR the abusers, to remove my safe identity and re-brand me and drive me from my home and community, illegally involving my landlord and neighbours, was criminal misconduct and the last straw. Professional Standards failure to act and allowing the harm to continue was also an unresolved misconduct, Amberstone excusing themselves that I am nuts and need care doesn't make sense, why attack someone who you consider to be nuts and needing care? That is abuse as well as being a vain and empty excuse.

· As I write this, I am STILL being harmed by my abusers. Why, when the police have received evidenced complaints for years (and tried to block my email - evidenced)?

· What sort of force beats up a vulnerable adult, tells her she is mad, and lets her go on being abused, ignores and blocks her complaints and leaves her condemned while her abusers destroy her publicly and to all authorities and services, and then attacks her home without warrant or warning, and then tells her her reaction is madness? That kind of behaviour belongs in Nazi Germany, we shouldn't have a police force with time to show off in the press and media and destroy the vulnerable but no time to deal with abusers, and who constantly whine about policing cuts when their resources are being misdirected.

· The police's actions have led to me having to be on the run and staying in poor accommodation with less than adequate landlords, the police tend to turn up to attack me once I have left each property, so they get the benefit of the opinion of the illegal landlords. This isn't making the crimes against me of harassment, defamation, data protection breaches and more go away. But the police seem more interested in destroying and silencing me for my abusers than pursuing the crimes of the high profile abusers. Amberstone were so confident in the police's record of being able to beat and imprison me that they didn't even apply for a warrant, let alone contact me to warn me. Which is why professional standards couldn't simply drop the case, they made excuses for a year and still have not reprimanded Amberstone or made them apologize, and the matter isn't settled until I receive a full apology.

· Amberstone illegally got my personal number off my landlord. I would like that dealt with. That is a gross breach of privacy and a serious misconduct that harmed me. Amberstone had my contact details, they had my address and number. I had to stop using my personal phone after the Amberstone attack as I was so traumatized and revolted. The Amberstone attack was akin to being violently raped, same level of damage. Amberstone gleefully destroyed my new identity that was to protect me from the police, church, press and media and the cranks and rogue journalists who had come after me, violated me, assaulted me, threatened me, because the police treated me as mad and allowed my abusers to go on openly harming me in the press and media. Which they still are doing to this day. This weekend indeed.

· I am tired, I woke into flashbacks and I am going back to bed. You will be pleased to know that I showered, ate, went to church and watched a DVD, nothing wrong with my self-care, but on a final and very pointed note, let it be understood, in my view, Hampshire Constabulary intend to go on harassing, branding, beating and imprisoning me for my abusers while doing nothing about them, and I am a destroyed empty shell, my life in ruins, but with excellent self-care skills, and when or if I get any indication that Hampshire Police are popping round to punish me for my abusers, I will be up to the cliff and over the cliff before they can get there, I will take a small slice of their and my abusers victory away, although they will brand me as nuts in the press and media in my death.

· Chief Constable of Hants Police, deal with your disgusting little force, and Chief Constable of the big grown up force that forced Hampshire Constabulary to respond, not that I will ever read their response after their horrifying attitude to me, make sure they do deal with this now.

· Last words Hampshire Police, the only redress I can get is telling you that you are bastards and you can go to hell, so I will, it helps ease the injuries of my mind and body, are you aware that my broken spine may have been caused by the police violence in Winchester in February 2011 or before? Your friends in the NHS tried to deny I was injured, the X-rays show I am. Go to hell you bastards.

Time that the Chief Constable got her priorities straight and dealt with this before continuing the press limelight run.