A Letter to Fashion Consumers

Subject: A Letter to Fashion Consumers
From: Norco College Student.
Date: 14 Dec 2022

Dear young fashion consumers

This letter is to those who are into fashion or starting their journey in fashion. This letter is to offer those in fashion a reminder or an option for those entering fashion that thrifting can be beneficial. Let me be the first to say that fashion and what we wear can be a huge part of our identity. The clothes we wear is what people see and can give hints into who we are. If you see a person who has on an athleisure attire and wears nothing but gym clothes, it is safe to assume that they are into some kind of fitness. What about a person who wears suit or designer brands on a constant basis, we can assume they are a person of business or someone of higher status. What about a person who doesnt care about what they wear, can we assume that they care less about how they look? The point is that the clothes we wear is a part of us and is part of our identity. All though fashion is huge part of us, it is no secret that the fashion industry has major problems. The clothes that are made by big companies are cheap and have a huge impact on the environment. The pricing at which some items are labeled at are too expensive. This where thrifting can be an option for those who want to expand their wardrobe. Now I am not saying to never buy from big companies or that we should only thrift. The truth is only thrifting is not a sustainable way to shop. You can't thrift underwear, socks, and under shirts. those are simple things that must be bought worn. Sometimes you need to buy a particular item and going to a big brand is the only option and that is understandable. When I propose the option of thrifting it's in a way that helps everyday people know that thrifting is a viable option. Thrifting is safe on the environment because it is reused clothes and it is less taxing (no pun intended) on consumers wallets. Now one may think about thrifting in a negative light but in today's world with social media spot lighting so many groups, life hacks, and trends that thrifting can be something and understandable.
So as a reminder or piece of information. Thrifting is an option for those who are into fashion. Thrifting can help reduce the impact on this earth and can be wallet friendly but remember that thrifting is not an end all be all option. It is simply another way of buying goods.

Norco college student.