A Letter to the Archbishop Of Canterbury on his new year's speech

Subject: A Letter to the Archbishop Of Canterbury on his new year's speech
From: John Carter
Date: 1 Jan 2023


Dear Justin Welby,

As I prepared to write this, I noticed that you have many open letters and blog posts aimed at you, a majority from victims of abuse and witnesses, asking you to stop acting out vanity stunts and bring justice to the victims of abuse in the Church of England, especially the cases where you personally have caused harm. I understand that the Charity Commission is being asked to investigate a portion of that, and in the meantime you should stop spoiling special milestones such as Christmas, New Year and Easter for victims and survivors of unresolved cases in your church with your strategic attempts to gain favour.

You don't care about carers or the care system, if you do, why not donate your millions in order to change things? After all, the Bible, which you are unfamiliar with despite being sent a copy by the victim who you killed, says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. Although it is understood that you do not believe in God, nor heaven nor hell.

Your communications team and PR firm who come up with your attention games at strategic points in the year have also harmed abuse victims and also been asked to stop these games. Please stop attention seeking. Throughout your dubious reign you have made some outrageous statements, contradictory statements, attacked your mother publicly - which was the end of your career, but you don't seem to have got the hint, and used your daughter as a publicity stunt. Your main theme has been using vulnerable groups for attention seeking and doing vanity stunts, for example with homeless people, even though you left an abuse victim homeless repeatedly.

More recently you've been desperately trying to get the public's attention firstly by trying to use topics of concern and silly cliches like 'cancel culture' which makes a man of the cloth sound like an idiot, by the way, and then trying to add to your favour currying by sending out press releases about 'how you'll be criticised' for what you've said, strategic and pathetic. You have also decided that because the government, the same government who you helped to gain power by your smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn, are very unpopular, you will try to get attention by attacking them. You also add the press release that you 'will be criticised', this strategic attention seeking can't go any lower - no, hang on, we are talking about Justin Welby here...

There are silly people who will believe you, and an element of that is because of the poor standard of education in Britain - Church of England schools, and also people who are affected by the topics you use to try to get favour for yourself, for example, carers, these people don't understand that you don't give a damn about carers and the care system and are simply repeating the script that your PR firm and communications team have created. It's odd that your PR firm and communications team have been told that your hypocritical and ridiculous behaviour isn't doing anything for you, it's simply making you look like a fraud who has stayed too long, and in the meantime, the Church of England, which you were charged with the care of, is collapsing. Save your whittering until the state of the church that you are head of is resolved and the victims of the church are provided with justice and redress instead of the current fake justice and no genuine redress.

You also seem to make more of an effort in your shows when there's a Royal Family issue, Prince Andrew no longer being protected by a gagging order, for example? Why get in the way of such genuine and important headlines? People want to know if a sex offender is brought to justice.

I know you have been asked this by one victim who you played an active part in killing to silence them, but do you look at the comments about your behaviour in response to your behaviour? Have you seen the articles that 'Conservative Woman' for example create in response to your rants? A lot of people are very angry that you've outstayed your welcome and go on and on behaving in a narcissistic way while you use vulnerable groups, carers and those who they care for, to try to gain favour for yourself. Britain isn't all stupid and unthinking and uneducated despite the schools your church run, I think those who are angry with you and the church and disgusted at your unchristian behaviour far outweigh those who are duped by you, and yet you go on and on, like the naked emperor showing off his new clothes.

You are not acting as the leader of the Church of England, the position bestowed upon you, and you never have, your abuse of the press is purely your own narcissism and agenda. The church has had no leader for a decade now, not that the predecessors who protected abusers as you do were much more worthy but they were just slightly less into forcing their unwanted and fake views on the general public relentlessly. You have work to do relating to the abuse victims who you have harmed, you need to be quiet and behave yourself and focus on that, and appoint a leader for the Church of England for goodness sake, if, after a decade you still don't understand that role and your responsibilities. Cotterell is no better and considering his background and behaviour, he was a ludicrous appointment as an archbishop, and the church is declining under top-heavy, very poor leadership.

You aren't in any position to criticise the government, aside from the fact you abused your position to elect them, and you are only criticising in order to gain favour from the many who are disillusioned and angry because of the bad government, you aren't governing your church well, and you have caused severe and widespread hurt, you've left thousands of people avoiding church or attending other denominations, you've failed to address the issues of abuse and seem to think that fake apologies every time abuse is mentioned and horrible empty repetitive scripts about brave victims, will suffice.

You don't seem able to take responsibility for causing death in either of the Winchester cases, and you don't seem to understand that while you are employing people in your safeguarding departments to actively hurt abuse victims and silence them, you cannot really criticise the government for care systems or anything else, because you are no better than them, so focus on those being failed and deliberately harmed by your National Safeguarding Team, related safeguarding officials and Diocesan safeguarding officials, not forgetting that you are responsible for making sure that several of the past officials are banned for life for their actions. You need to take responsibility for your own deceitful and wicked behaviour in abuse cases as well.

As I said, some people will blindly believe your attention seeking stunts, but many more are disgusted. We are disgusted, my family and I, and our friends, because you personally took part in actions that effectively killed our friend to silence her over abuse where you were too close to those involved and never met the victim but actively interfered to prevent justice. How many carers would really want you supporting them if they understood this and knew this story in full? Would they believe you cared about those who they care for? You had a vulnerable adult killed by your actions!

Abuse victims beg you to shut your wide mouth each Christmas so that they can spend Christmas without being triggered, so this year you decided to ruin the new year for them. Be quiet you incessant windbag, do you not understand that people will never love you the way you crave just because you pick and choose vulnerable groups to try to give yourself an image of caring. What has the care system got to do with you when your church has destroyed so many vulnerable lives? Yourself and your cronies should have been DBS barred a long time ago.

You love the sound of your own voice, and you love your cold empty face being splashed over the media, faking care, concern and faking criticism of the government just to try to glorify yourself. I understand that you fed off the Royal Marriages, Baptisms and Funerals, all of which were invalid in God's Eyes at your hands, and you intend to stay and crown a king who no one really wants or needs, for your own glory, to feed off the publicity, when your misconducts mean you should be long gone and no officiation of yours is valid, but give the ego speeches and abuse of the press for your personal vendettas a rest, please. If you feel strongly about a cause, donate to it. In the end, people are going to look at your embarrassing over-long reign and ask 'What did he actually do for these vulnerable groups he used for his publicity stunts?' And the answer is, nothing.

Go your way as soon as you can, but grant justice to your victims first.


John Carter