L i v e a L o n n n n n n n g L i f e

Subject: L i v e a L o n n n n n n n g L i f e
From: Jack Richard
Date: 30 Dec 2020

(And Avoid Debilitating - often Death-Ushering - Diseases)

My name is Jack Richard. I was born in 1933 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and have lived there all my life. I am of American and Scottish stock. Should you desire to live as long as I have (87 years . . . so far), here is the recipe of what you are not obliged to do and what you must do. You may take issue with some of my dos and don'ts which, as you will see, do not agree with what is recommended elsewhere. However, before passing judgement on my say-sos, keep this in mind: I am the living proof that it works; my vital statistics are all normal (blood pressure of 120~130 over 60~70, cholesterol and triglycerides in the normal range, et cetera). The cardinal rule of what you should do is to do what you like to do and not to do what you dislike to do. BUT, with a caveat; EVERYTHING IN STRICT MODERATION.

To illustrate that you DO NOT have to abandon your vices as I have not forsaken mine, a vivid example will emphasize wha I am driving at.

Last year, in the course of my annual check-up, the physician asked me the four questions stated hereunder to which I answered as follows:

(Doc) Tell me Jack, do you smoke ? (me) Yes (mostly vaping interspersed with the odd cigarette for a grand total of 4 vaping or smoking 5-minute sessions/day ... Moderation). (Have used tobacco and lately added e-juice vaping for nearly 70 years, but never exceeding the daily intake of what was just stated . . . quite moderately is the key word).

(Doc) Do you drink ? (me) Yes (the odd beer, wine or cocktail but never in excess of 3/week).

(Doc) Do you go to bed early ? Do you get your eight hours of sleep to 'recharge'? (me) It depends what you mean by' early '. If you mean 1~2 am, yes, I go to bed early.

(Doc) Do you exercise ? (me) Never. I dislike spending precious energy and time on something as futile and time-wasting as

To each of the answers, the physician (we're speaking of a man in his mid to late 30s here, as opposed to my 86!) would utter a disapproving ''tut, tut''. After the fourth query, I addressed him on these terms: '' Tell me, doc, if I were to drop dead at your feet right this minute, would you bend down and reflect 'Poor Jack, he died so young' '' ? This question stunned him and somewhat angered him as he had nothing better to reply than ''Get the f - - - out of my office.'' Guess he didn't dig my M.O.

After this preamble, we're ready to get to the nitty - gritty. Here goes:

1 - It doesn't matter what you eat (save for the main ingredient listed hereunder) as long as you eat a variety of foods excluding what will be stated later - in moderation of course.

2 - Ditto for smoking, vaping, pot(ting?), drinking, eating fatty and/or junk food, any kind of sweets that cuts it for you [e.g. - butter-rich pies (even ''à la mode''), full-creamed butter, 35% whipped cream, luscious cakes & cookies, the richest chocolates, et cetera]. Guess you get my drift. And, the same goes for any other activities you may wish to do or you may not want to undertake - including ''exercise'' if, like me, you despise it.

3 - AND, you do not have to eat ANY food (yeah even including boiled spinach - Yak) and/or do any activity that you do not like. I know, 1+2+3 fly in the face of everything ever thought to you concerning what you should eat or drink, how long you should rest (e.g. - sleep, vacations . . . ); in short, what you should and should not do. Toss all this nonsense overboard and hear me out.

Now that I've given you complete freedom to EAT WHAT YOU LIKE and DO WHAT YOU LIKE when you feel like doing whatever (within the Law, of course), there are still some 'laws' that you must observe . . . what's a good word . . . religiously without cheating.

Her is what You MUST Do IF You Want the Results Stated in the Title of this Article

1 - DO NOT EAT ANY ANIMAL . . . EVER. Animal products (i.e. - milk, cream, butter) are okay to consume as they do not hurt the animal itself and they will not hurt you IF you eat whatever you want while making sure you balance your diet with a variety of foods eaten in moderation. The key words here are ''variety'' and ''moderation''. This will be achieved by following Rule Number 2 hereunder.

2 - EAT ONLY ONE MEAL PER DAY. Not to worry, you will not lack energy nor suffer from any nutrient deficiency (especially if you follow Rule # 3 coming-up.

3 - Supplement you daily diet with a regimen of vitamins and minerals as given here:

1 - Multi Vitamin and Mineral Capsules 1/Day
[My Wife & I Have Found the 'Swanson' Brand Called
''Multi - Active One with Iron'' to Have a Better Balanced Formula than Most but Any Other Well-Known Brand (e.g. - Centrum Forte) Will Do, as Long as it Contains ± 30 Factors]

2 - A as Beta-Carotene (Precursor of Vitamin 'A') 1/Day
1 0, 0 0 0 I U ( I n t e r n a t i o n a l U n i t s )

3 - B-Complex - 25 mg (or buy the 50mg & Split in Half) 1/Day

4 - B-6 - 50 mg (There Is a Shortage of B-6 in What WE Eat)

5 - B-7 - 5,000 mcg (Better Known as 'Biotin')
(There Is Also a Shortage of Biotin in What WE Eat) 1/Day
(It Is Only Found - in Substantial Quantities - in Spinach,
(Kale & Yellow Carrots - i.e. - Green Leafy Vegetables =
(Sparsely Eaten in OUR Diet)

6 - D - 400 IU (Do NOT Exceed the Given Dose) 3/Week

7 - E - 400 IU (1/Day for 2 Months then 2/Day) 1/Day to 2/Day

8 - Lutein 20 mg - (Prevention of Cataracts) 3/Week

9 - Garlic OIL 1,500 mg (NOT Garlic Capsules. Has to Be OIL)
(The ''Jamieson'' Brand Has These) 1/Day

10 - WOMEN ONLY - Calcium, Magnesium with Zinc Tablets
(aka CMZ --- Again, ''Jamieson'' Has These) 2/Day

P.S. - DO NOT, I Repeat, DO NOT Take Additional Minerals Over those Included in Your ''Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Capsules'' (#1)

You may have noticed the absence of Vitamin C. If such is taken regularly,it loses its power to stop a cold or the flu at the first signs of its 'coming-on'. Here is what to do when the back of your nose and / or your throat feel like harbingers of a cold or the flu readyto bloom at your expense. The term CMZ used here has just been defined above:

Take 1 CMZ + 1 Zinc (20 mg) + 1 ''C'' 1,000 mg + 1 ''D'' 400 IU (which we have termed ''A String''). Repeat this ''String'' every 6 hours until symptoms are gone. The two of us haven't had a cold nor the flu (never vaccinated) since 35 Years Using this 'trick'.

By the way, my wife and I have been following this ''way of life'' for 50+ years and we have never felt short of energy nor have we ever had any major ailments in all these years.

Here are the reasons why you should never ever ever eat an animal and limit your consumption of food to 1 meal per day. First, your teeth are not those of a carnivore. Second, eating 3 meals a day filled with meat (yeah, chicken IS meat; not a feathered vegetable), rich foods (as described above), not to mention snacks and junk foods, is way too much grub for your system to process adequately. Hence you clog you arteries with TOO MUCH fat, accumulate toxins throughout your total biological body and start to pay the price around the 50~60 year-old mark. See next what's likely in store for you should you transgress the above-given guidelines and regulations:

Most ' 'past - 60' ' meat-eaters in our society tend to be plagued with the following maladies: (in alphabetical order)

1 - Cancer
2 - Cataracts
3 - Cirrhosis (or Untreated Hepatitis B)
4 - Dementia or Alzheimer
5 - Diabetes
6 - Diarrheal Dehydration
7 - Heart Problems (Attack, Failure, et cetera)
8 - Hypertension
9 - Kidney Failure
10 - Parkinson
11 - Prostate Problems (Swelling - Making
Urination Difficult & Often Painful, Cancer ...
12 - Stroke [Causes Disability(ies) and/or Death]

I am Sure I'm Missing Many More Disorders of the Same Dire Ilk.


Strangely, frugal vegetarians are very seldom afflicted with any of these ills. Most live to their advanced 90s