Julian Assange & Wikileaks was about expose truth of 911 inside Job when Internet Cut - Hillary, Saudis, Bush all complicit with mass murder - FBI well aware too!

Subject: Julian Assange & Wikileaks was about expose truth of 911 inside Job when Internet Cut - Hillary, Saudis, Bush all complicit with mass murder - FBI well aware too!
From: A Vehement Enemy of Censorhip.
Date: 18 Oct 2016

Roughly two weeks ago this open letter was published: http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/dear-congressional-oversight-committee-sto...

It received immediate attention at Reddit, 4chan, and Scam.com, but when Reddit User Informant59 made the below comment, not only was it deleted, but an entire web site that had leaked book manuscripts of exiled whistle blower Bruce Gorcyca (worldlawdirect.com) was blocked and then all 43 chapters deleted.

Deleted Post of Infromant59: (DIRECT QUOTE)

An entire web site was blocked (worldlawdirect.com) when a user named "Nico" started leaking actual chapters from that book in their forum. (three chapters were about Hillary & Bill Clinton)

The author also corroborated with top SEC insder trading investigator John Wheeler (later became a presidential aide) whose body was found in a garbage dump wearing over $20K of gold jewelry. Together they had planned to expose the inside job of 911, (Saudi/Bush/Clinton collusion) and the Wall Street Panama connection) Wheeler's hit man was arrested in Europe - a guy named Robert Andrew Levene. Levene was "aggressively interrogated" and finally agreed to cooperate with a sworn deposition of five different "wet work jobs" he did for U.S. Army. But a few days before his depo, he was visited by a "Colonel James Steele" and within a week Levene "committed suicide" Here is his photo while in custody - while he was still alive: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?702684-SOLVED-John-Wheeler-amp-Al-Cha.... Wheeler is just one of three government sponsored assassinations connected to Clinton and Bush families who earned millions from 911, Enron insider trading, and short sells on United and American airlines following 911. Another murder victim was FBI Wall Street informant Al Chalem.

Those who investigate will discover these facts to be 100% true

1) Wall Street launders $50 million of drug monies every week (only HSBC got caught so far)

2) Jeb Bush, Hugh Rodham, Marc Rich, The Clinton Foundation, Jeff Epstein, Jack Goldberg etc. all have Panama Bank Accounts and the FBI were give all the account info back in 1996 to FBI agent Maury Berthon in Miami. Berthon opened a case and was rewarded by getting transferred and the investigation of American Financial Group came to a quick end on DoJ orders. (The President of AFG was a 25 year DoJ executive named Edward Chism)

3) 911 was an inside job arranged by Bush/Cheney and paid for by the Saudis. The Clintons were paid over $100 million over the next 15 years to the Clinton Foundation to cooperate with their silence (see the letters in this link dated September 15, 2001 and read every word of both letters - notice the people named in these letters - all witnesses to the cover-up) http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/dear-congressional-oversight-committee-sto...

4) A corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson (now retired with over $75 million of known assets) smuggled drugs with and for Jeb Bush following the murder George Bush Sr. arranged of Barry Seal. Investigators found the personal mobile number of George H. Bush in Seal's posession at the Louisiana murder scene.

5) That there were/are over 150 political prisoners (dissidents and whistleblowers) kept in solitary confinement an tortured to obtain false confessions or statements to protect government officials from prosecution. See: http://www.naturalnews.com/049470_No-fly_list_FBI_torture.html and here are the methods they use: https://afewthoughtsfrombruce.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/american-citizens...


There is evidence that Assange was investigating this story along with the 6 murders that are linked to it including Seth Rich, FBI informants John Wheeler, Al Chalem (the latter was both a presidential aide and former SEC insider trading investigator who had proof of 911 fraud and who tookd down WTC7 building and why (It contained evidence from a secret IRS/DEA task force that was investigating Wall Street money laundering, the "missing" gold, and Panama Bank accounts of Hillary's brother, Jack Goldberg, Jeff Epstein, Marc Rich, Jeb Bush, Don Gregg, and others that were given to the FBI years ago, by their own informant Bruce Gorcyca. See: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?694440-The-Feds-had-proof-of-Panama-B....

This link also shows you how U.S. army assassins Robert Andrew Levene, Colonel James Steele, and Colonel George Griggs are/were used to kill Jack Wheeler, and perhaps Seth Rich as well. http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?702684-SOLVED-John-Wheeler-amp-Al-Cha...

Reddit users also started to connect the dots here: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/4hmck6/first_of_si...

So the crimes of Hillary Clinton go far beyond bribery and email destruction. She concealed the mass murder of 911 in exchange for an immediate payment of $10 million in Hush Money in 2001, and over the next 15 years of her continued silence, the Saudi Government paid her a total of $100 million via the Clinton Foundation.

Because the FBI received the same letters and video/audio tape as Senator Hillary Clinton from the same source, she now owns them and has them by the balls. If the FBI ever tries to prosecute Hillary for ANY crime whatsoever, she has the evidence to prove that the FBI was not only criminally negligent, but obstructed justice in the fake 911 investigation.

Call me a lunatic if you like, but all of the above links and evidence speaks for itself. The truthers, Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and even Alex Jones were all telling us the truth for years about 911. But we have all been programmed to believe the fabricated and spun "news" of CNN, MSNBC, etc. See: http://rabble.ca/babble/canadian-politics/america-now-censors-much-china... and if you are still not convinced about the massive media manipulation in America, read up on "Project Mockingbird" and read this as well: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?704348-Help-Expose-the-MSM-(Main-Stream-Media)-Deception-Send-this-link-to-your-friends!

America is at a tipping point friends. Wall Street banksters are calling the shots - not Washington. Washington is like a toilet filled to the brim with shit (corruption) at all levels. FBI Director James Comey did his very best to hide the truth and destroy evidence as leaked emails have proven at http://Wikileaks.org. We need a clean flush and nobody else is going to do it for us. The elections are, and have been rigged to give the White House to the anointed one of the 1% elite (Hillary was endorsed by every billionaire and neocon as well - this alone should be a wake up call).

Only a genuine "American Spring" can restore honor and integrity to our government. If you truly love your children you need to starting thinking and ask yourself this question; "Do I love my children enough to fight for real freedom and democracy in America so they can escape the economic slavery and oligarchy now imposed upon us all?" Do your kids deserve an equal chance to succeed in America? Do your kids deserve real and equal justice for all? Or are you willing to just let them struggle and survive in a NWO that caters to the privileged few?

The American Dream is now an endangered species. Election Fraud is coming within a month. Prepare for it now and become part of the solution, or remain part of the problem. The truth will forever remain the truth no matter what YOU decide to do for your children's future. The truth may indeed be ugly, but it is the only weapon we have no to fight the billionaires who exploit us for just 5 things; 1) interest, 2) votes, 3) consumer dollars, 4) tax dollars, and 5) targets of fake terrorism to keep our fellow citizens living in fear, and passively obedient to their convenient laws.

Our forefathers revolted against England for far lesser abuses friends. We need not be part of any more fabricated wars abroad, nor should we allow our government to use OUR money to create 3 million refugees a year, or kill over 400 innocent children with illegal drone strikes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. If you agree, please support the American Spring that may be coming soon.