JLMH Bad news

Subject: JLMH Bad news
Date: 26 Oct 2015

I've got a feeling that there's something more, something that holds us together. Its the strangest feeling but i cant be sure. I think about you a lot almost everyday of the week for the past two years now. Its rare a day goes by without you ever crossing my mind in some way shape or form and i just thought id let you know that i thought about you today.
And i thought about the things you used to say. And i thought about the things we did. And i thought about you living with your boyfriend now. oh what do i do now? I always though that we would be together. I wish i could tell you how i really feel inside, that you're the perfect woman for me but you like a certain type of guys, and its clear that i'm not that guy.
I wish i knew what i know now back in the day when we were together. I didn't realize what ill be missing even though you weren't really mine, my eyes were dry when you left but as of now i want to cry. All the joy you brought me still lingers in my mind and all the pain you brought me still lingers in my mind. I got to really know you and learn a lot about you, i really enjoyed talking to you.
There was honestly never a dull moment between us and i miss it. I know you still think about the times we had. When you left me i thought id be better off without you but in time i found out that i cant talk without you, i cant breath without you, nothing is the same without you. Apparently its called love. Would you believe me if i said i'm in love? Yes, me in love with you. Might come as a surprise but i'm sure you already knew. I wish i had said it back the day you told me you loved me, the day you came to see me right before you went to school. I miss you. I miss us. I love you, and i'm still in love with you. Hope to hear from you some day.The good thing is that we came a long way, the bad news is that we went the wrong way.