I Was Wrong About A Lion

Subject: I Was Wrong About A Lion
From: Amy Vandevoorde
Date: 29 Apr 2021

Dear unfaithful wife aka my husband's girlfriend,

You will never trust him. Everything he tells you, he told me first. You are not special. You are easy. His "always" has an expiration and his "no matter what" is conditional. I can't wait for your children to find out how you met!
You don't look like Rachael McAdams.
PS. Tell him he has big shoulders, he eats that shit up.

Dear Husband,

Does your married girlfriend know that you cheated on her with your wife? You know that whole day I knew your plan to fly the next morning to be with her. I bet it was such a thrill to plan your adultery together. I knew you were not meeting your friend Justin; he was never even there. I told you, I know everything, you unimaginative, worm. For months I kept my mouth shut and watched you make your mistakes. You are pathetic. You broke all of your promises. Your name, that name people remember, what a waste! I was advised to take the blame, to make a home you wanted to come home to, and to watch my motives. What were your motives, babe? To steal the wife of a Marine? Ironic, let me guess you were United In Love?? Poor Ty, does he know yet? You made one little compromise after another until you were able to excuse behavior you would have never tolerated before. You become unable to focus on the good things in our marriage because you were afraid it would take the wind from your sails. You trashed what we had to justify your actions. I watched quietly as you made a series of choices and became the perfect cliche. I am disappointed you turned into everything you said you would never be. Who are you now? Are you righteous? Are you ethical, Captain? Do you Hold The Standard? Are you morally straight, Scout? Look in the mirror. Say it out loud! Say all of what you did out loud you weak fuck! I know who you are. You are not a lion. You're an imposter. You are a beta. You play whatever role you need to. You are not authentic. Do you think that Ranger would write a reference for you now, What does that say about you? You ran away because you're such a puny brat that you could not face what you did! You are an imitation. You are a follower. You are an adulterer. You're faithless. You abandoned us. I told you I wanted loyalty more than love. Now we gotta ball without you(21)