I was his Superman

Subject: I was his Superman
From: My heart, really it's in pain
Date: 25 Feb 2018

Hey All

My life was like a fairy tale all the way till 19 Feb 2018, the day on which I made it hell. I was very happy, i was spending time with my most caring loving and as awesome as always best friend whom i love the most. He is amazing I have not found anyone like him till now and i am sure i will not find anyone like him in future.

You know he never wanted me or anyone around him to shed a tear from eyes. He did everything for everyone of his friends, never thought about anything else than friendship.

First time when i met him i didn't wanted to talk to him, obviously i was having attitude, but getting to know about him it made me grounded. He made me and many people with their high attitude landed on the ground by his humbleness and his attitude to tackle people.

Things became a bit uneasy for me to accept when i discovered that i have started to feel about him, suddenly the girl who never bothered about anyone's prospective started asking about his views and prospective even in the dress i am wearing to everything, just for the thing that i can talk to him. I was getting no positive vibes regarding my feelings from him but i continued.

Things went and i became closet friend of him whom he trust, he shared everything with me and so i did, people called us couple he said we are best friends and unfortunately he mean it. But I was sure that no one can say NO to girl like me and very soon i was proved wrong. And we became best friend again but i didn't lost hope.

Things started to change after that i thought he feels the same but i waited for sometime and finally i confessed to him again and he said "i think i too feel the same" but i need some time. I was on top of sky i got what i wanted, i was very happy, but all this things were going to vanish very soon and i didn't knew that.

He was very focused for his carrier due to his commitments and his capabilities which was trusted by everyone. I knew he can move mountains if he has decided, but this time capabilities were not able to take on commitments. He either didn't showed or he didn't felt that, i don't know but the thing i know was, this all happened because i entered into his life.

I decided i have to walk away from his life or else he would not be able to regain those capabilities. But getting away was not so easy it broke the hearts, it made me to say something i never thought of which insulted him, humiliated him and hurted deeply and broke him.

From that day the pain is in my heart i wanted to share it with some of his friends who might be thinking interpreting by his behavior or either by mine what's wrong or etc.

But guys trust me leave him as he is, don't give him any support system, i know this will make him something he used to be before, he will loose his temper frequently, he will indulge in fights etc. But along with this he will also keep his wounds green and will plot his revenge and will again prove his capabilities and commitment. After this i know he will never see my face again nor will talk to me but i have no choice now. He used to say during our convo that "I'm only one call away I'll be there to save the day....." but i regret what i ended this up to.

So if you are having conversation with him let it be moving. But promise me that you will never ever tell him about this letter. I know him more than you so do not tell. Lastly i would say don't do that which i did, if i have thought in proper sense i might not be writing this letter but it's too late i guess to undo everything. But you still have the wonderful friend with you so do whatever you want to do but don't hurt him.