I promise.

Subject: I promise.
From: Your brother's best friend
Date: 1 Dec 2017

Dear Mariela,

I promise. I promise what I’ll never forget what happened the quiet, Sunday night on Firestone. I promise you will never be forgotten. I promise that the girl that decided to drive under the influence will never forget it. I promise that one day I’ll forgive her. I promise that all of our hearts hurt. I promise your memorial was genuine and pure. I promise to make your brother happy in every way I can. I promise to keep your family company. I promise to make your mom smile. I promise I will always tell Juan to follow his dreams. I promise he is my best friend. I promise we will do everything that you weren’t able to do. I promise we will do everything to make you proud. I promise roses will always be my favorite flower. I promise my love for your family is pure. I promise one day I’ll stop being sad. I promise we will always remember you. I promise that I know you’re in heaven and I can’t wait to meet you.

I promise.


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