I don't know

Subject: I don't know
Date: 19 Mar 2017

Its hard to tell when you changed. Its hard to tell when you lost love for me. You aren't the same, some say you've changed for the better, but not me. You broke my heart, and I forgave you. We stopped talking but you came back, and I foolishly let you. I let you back into my home, and my heart. I didn't feel the same, the love I had for you had become dull, but still I stayed in hopes it would come back, and it did. Nothing was the same, we both knew that. I forgave you, but I didn't forget. You have done so much to me that has hurt me, but still I act as if everything is fine and take you back. I should've known you were going to leave me again. You promised you wouldn't leave, you told my family that they didn't have to worry about me being heart broken again. I always had the thought in my head that you were going to leave me, I didn't think you were going to stay as long as you did. Maybe that's why it hit me hard, I knew it was coming I didn't know when.
I've given you everything i have ever had. I loved you with every piece of the broken heart, that you broke. Every time you talked about me behind my back, every time you lied, i forgave you as if you did nothing. My love for you was much stronger than the love you claimed to have for me. You don't destroy people you love, but you seem to wake up and have the mindset that i'll always be here, but im ready to give up. I'm tired. Tired of hurting, being sad, weak, not leaving my house, being told what to do, being hurt, im tired of being there for you when you don't deserve it. You don't deserve the amount of love you get from me, you need money i got it, you need anything i got it, and you don't care.
I'm ready to give up on you, I'm sorry. I loved you with every part of me, im tired, i give up.


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