I am the woman for whom he left you...

Subject: I am the woman for whom he left you...
From: Melwalot
Date: 16 Jun 2015

Dear Ex-Girlfriend,

I now have the courage to introduce myself to you. I can imagine how much you despise me after all you have been through.

I bet it wasn't easy, it wasn't for me either. I think you deserve to know the truth, so here I am telling you that I wasn't intentionally stealing your man.

When I met him I had no knowledge of your existence. I fell in love quickly, almost at first sight. I could feel something was wrong, because it was just way too perfect to be true. After days of paradise he told me he has you. A woman waiting for her man in his home-country many kilometers away from our fairy-tale.

He never went into details about you. Your looks, the way you are or anything. Never a bad word. It gave me a very hard time what to do. I never wanted to break up any kind of relationship, not even yours. I had to make a decision and I did. I met him for a date, which I thought to be our last and I will be nothing more than a shame, a mistake.

He asked me what I think or feel about this situation, but I couldn't lie. I told him that I fell in love and I am not going to ask him to choose me over you. He did anyway because according to what he told me he wasn't sure in your relationship way before he met me. I am sorry that I had to be the motivator for him to end things between you so fast.

We both know he is a good man, a good person. The night before he went to see you he was crying over hurting you, ending things with you. I was just there as a friend, a witness to his genuine pain of knowing he will let you down.

I know how hurtful it could have been for you to lose him and I understand if you wanted him back. It is hard for me to get over the things you had with him and that it was impossible to avoid you and your relationship interfere with ours. Every time you talked, you've met, it killed me and flushed me with fear that seeing you will make him think he made a bad choice by being with me.

I hope you are proceeding with letting go, I am trying to do the same. I know this situation was very unfortunate and I am honestly sorry you had to go through all of this.

I wish you will find someone who will be the perfect man for you.

Take care and know that it wasn't intentional from either of us to break your heart.