"But I am just one person struggling to pay my bills. What can I do to change any of this crazy stuff happening in America?" A lot more than you think - if you truly love your children and care about their future... Come explore the power of one

Subject: "But I am just one person struggling to pay my bills. What can I do to change any of this crazy stuff happening in America?" A lot more than you think - if you truly love your children and care about their future... Come explore the power of one
From: Bruce Gorcyca, a military veteran
Date: 9 May 2022

Millions of Americans are sharing a common feeling of angst, anxiety, and outrage these days. Letting this negative energy get the best of you can lead to depression and submission to those that want to control your life and finances. No, you are not helpless although some leaders would like you to believe that you are and need them to "rescue" you. To be frank, YOU control your own destiny when you join and share with others who also feel burdened or oppressed. Here is how YOU truly can make a difference, even if you only influence or provoke the thinking of only 10 other people...

1) End your silence and be not afraid to share your feelings and beliefs with your friends, family and colleagues. Share these below links for starters and see how they respond! (Everyone is capable of changing their minds if they are provided with documented facts)








If you don't have the confidence to openly share information with your family, friends, and colleagues, then send it to them anonymously. The key is to open more minds and show people what has been censored from them.

2) Find like-minded people in your community and organize a visit to your local talk show radio station and ask for an "open mike" or "debate night" time slot even if it is only 30 minutes. You will be surprised when it becomes the most popular show on their menu.

3) Compile a "Facts Hidden From You" 2 page flyer (one A4 sheet - two sided) and choose the most meaningful and provocative facts to put on this flyer that your groups agrees to spend one hour a day to pass out to every home and apartment in your neighborhood (under their door or in their mailbox). You can include an email address for those that may want to join your
group. Ideas to include on this handout...

Parent Rights

Gas Prices and WHEN they surged and why

Rising Crime rates and neighborhood crime watches

Free Speech Rights

Exposing Censorship

Why the mainstream media lies

Operation Mockingbird

COVID - Fact Vs Fiction

Operation Jigsaw

Privacy Rights

5G Secrets & Dangers

Exposing Corruption in YOUR state

Federal Money & Programs available for YOUR community

Many years ago I was working as a volunteer for 8 years with the American Red Cross and stumbled upon a deadly situation that the lives of 10,000 people at risk. I told the Administrator about what I discovered and was basically told to just do your job and "don't worry about that". But being raised in private Catholic schools I had developed a tenacious conscience which nags me on a daily basis. This is what I did, as a sole and anonymous activist, and in the end, the FDA admitted that my actions not only "solved the problem", but saved the lives of thousands of patients. https://www.docdroid.net/Z3c8ZPy/chapter-8f-pdf , But Murphy's Law No. 3 ("No good deed goes unpunished") kicked in when the corrupt establishment I exposed sent the FBI to hunt down the leaker who sent all those faxes to the 800+ surgeons in South Florida. We ourselves must sometimes choose if benefits out weigh potential risks or vice versa. In the end, I had not done anything illegal nor unethical, but they simply wanted to harass and intimidate me so I would stay silent about other matters. I was just content that my actions saved lives all over America, even though the FDA had to shut down three American Red Cross blood banks as 60 Minutes explained in their episode "Bad Blood" hosted by Meredith Viera. But after paying $10 million in fines, the Red Cross now pays attention to their blood supplies and volunteers who point out "problems". Progress does not always follow the paths we expect. I will never forget the words of a wise nun who was one of my favorite grade school teachers "Men plan and God laughs!"

So personally, I can tell you that one person can make a big difference in our world, whether you intend to or not. Need I remind of what we learned from Edward Snowden, Marie Currie, Julian Assange, or Stephen Hawking? You never know what YOU can accomplish until, and unless you try. Just do what you know is right, and God will give you a hand.

Oh, but you worry about "being cancelled"? Fear not fellow-citizen, the far-left radical wokesters of America comprise less than 8% of the U.S. population, and although they get a lot of media exposure because of the bizarre things they say and do, the world is rejecting their BS (mostly because of their hypocrisy double-standards, refusal to debate anything, intolerance, and criminal violence used to intimidate others). Tune them out and do what is right and best for YOU and YOUR family.

But unless you share the above links first, those you reach out to will not be receptive or motivated to join up with and others who will soon form the nucleus of a community action group. You may not want to be a leader, but YOU can be the organizer who rolls that snowball off the top of the hill.

In only a few days, you will see many people are just as angry, frustrated, and worried as yourself. In numbers their is not only strength, but confidence to attend school board hearings, to confront your local Mayor, Governor, Congressman, Senator, or even organize a peaceful protest. As Confucius once said... "Every journey begins with a single step". You are hereby invited to take yours today.