Hypocrite Society - An Open Letter to Society

Subject: Hypocrite Society - An Open Letter to Society
From: A Disgruntled World Citizen
Date: 14 Sep 2014

Dear Hypocrite Society,

I am writing this letter to address my concerns. I say a video online recently where a young man was beat and called obscenities when he came out to his family. How could someone do that to their child? Someone you gave birth to and promised to protect? You hit them and call them vulgar names? You are no parent, you are a bully.
I am not gay myself but I feel you should love whoever you want. If you want to love someone of the same sex, go ahead. I applaud you. You are braver than most for doing what you want, not what society told you to do.

Over the years I have listened to my family talk. They say that gay people are okay. I even hear the “I have a gay friend so I am okay with it.” Are you really okay with it? When the notion of someone in the family is mentioned as being gay, people’s attitudes change. They act like they are okay with it from afar but cannot handle it in the family. I brought this up with my sister and she told me that in the bible it says it is a sin. She cannot accept family as gay. I countered and brought up the Ten Commandments. I asked her, “If your child used the Lord’s name in vain, would you still love them?” She said yes. I then asked, “If your child told you they hated you, would you still love them?” She said yes. I asked, “If your child murdered someone, would you still love them?” She said yes. What I was getting at is that breaking one of the Commandments is a sin but a parent would love them. So why can’t they love them if they are gay? In their eyes it is a “sin” too.

When a parent has a child they are supposed to love them unconditionally. No strings attached. That notion is thrown out the window if they think for a moment that something their child does will tarnish the religious standing. What kind of parent are you if you are more willing to accept your child as a murderer but not because they are gay? What kind of parent are you to turn your back on them because of who they are?

I grew up in church learning what was right and wrong. I do remember one thing that I was taught and that was we are not supposed to judge others. I heard all the time from church goers that only God can judge us. I even see it tattooed on most people. Do we listen to that statement and take it to heart? No we do not. Even people who claim to never judge, you know you do. If you came across a homeless man would you think that alcohol brought him here or would you think that he just had a hard time?

Society its self is a hypocrite. We say one thing and mean another, just to save face. We have too many things going on in this world to fight over sexual orientation. Stop hating people for who they are. Figure out what’s wrong with you so that you can stop hating. If we learned to stop judging others, I’m pretty sure this would be a great world.

A Disgruntled World Citizen