The Husband That Cheated On Me

Subject: The Husband That Cheated On Me
From: The Wife That Moved On
Date: 14 Dec 2016

Five years. I spent five years of my life with you. Five years that I can never have back. To say you hurt me would be a major understatement. I devoted my life to you. Did my best to make you happy. Gave you everything I could. Though, nothing is ever enough for you. Nothing I could have done or not done would have stopped you from cheating on me. I've learned that cheating is just a part of who you are. When our daughter was six months old you began seeing a 21 year old that you swore was nothing to you. You swore you barely even knew her. Of course, that was all lies. You'd go do your thing with her then come home and pretend nothing was wrong. Even when I asked. Even when I begged with tears running down my face for you to please just tell me the truth. You never did.

Shortly before our daughters second birthday I left you. You begged me to stay. Told me I was your whole world and you wanted our family to be together. Even though you still had your girlfriend on the side and I just didn't know. I had suspicions, but at the time I couldn't prove it. A year and a half of listening to your lies and you telling me I was crazy. I'm not crazy nor have I ever been. I left you because I couldn't trust you. After we lived separately you still would tell me how you wanted me to "wise up" so we could be together again. How you would always love me and that I was making a mistake by leaving you.

Three months after I left you, the truth came out. I spoke to your mistress for the very first time and I learned about your double life. I'll admit, I cried. It was very hard to hear the truth. I was devastated. For a couple days I was very very sad. Then, I decided to be happy for you. I realized there was no point in being sad. There was no reason to let you steal anymore joy away from me. I decided to just be happy.

I still tried to coparent with you because I still wanted our daughter to have a father. You were too preoccupied with your new life to care. We filed for divorce and even then you didn't use your visitation. You would block my number so I couldn't even contact you about our daughter. Then you would unblock it and tell me how much you regretted everything and that you wanted me to change my mind about the divorce. I was so far passed that point. Our divorce got finalized 6 months after we separated and then it was brought to light that you had been cheating on your girlfriend of almost 2 years and had another new girlfriend.

I've moved on since then. I've stopped trying to coparent with you and you haven't spent any real time with our daughter since before we filed for divorce. We don't hear from you and we don't try to contact you. I met a really great man that loves both me and our daughter very much. He stepped up when you decided to step out of her life. I hear that you're still out getting drunk most nights and I hope you're enjoying yourself. I hope that one day you will realize the distruction you've caused in so many people's lives.

Just know, I don't hate you. I'm not angry anymore. I forgave you a long time ago. I'm thankful that you left our daughter so that she will now get to experience what it's like to have a dad that makes her a priority. She stopped asking for you and now asks for him instead. Truthfully it makes me smile because I'm glad she is young enough to not be sad about your absence.

Having my heart broken by you was terrible, but I wanted to say thank you. If you hadn't done what you did, I wouldn't have met the man that I love so much. My daughter wouldn't have an amazing father and I'd still be stuck in a miserable marriage with a man that treated me like I wasn't good enough. You have narcissistic tendencies and you're someone I don't even know anymore. I'm glad you cheated on me. Thank you for that.