Human Bruality

Subject: Human Bruality
From: Nevaeh Krull
Date: 11 Mar 2019

We don’t live in fantasy. We live in a world that isn’t just a simple folktale with happy endings… this is reality, and reality brings us disappointment and sad endings and unfortunately death and life changing things in our life… In the realistic fiction book, Slaughter House Five is about the WWII and a tragic solider named Billy who had to suffer through the harsh war witnessing the Bombing of Dresden, and the pain from the war. War isn’t always the answer, lives are being sacrificed every day for so what called the better for the country.

WWII was a very manipulative war ruled by Hitler himself. He had a very specific POV of what a perfect country will look like and how the people will represent the countries he and his troops has invaded. Therefore, killing millions of Jews, Gypsies, and people with physical and mental disabilities. He claims that these innocent people are deadly and completely dangerous to our society. (National Geographic) World War II could have possibly been prevented also. In Slaughter House Five Billy states, “the fear of never returning home to my beloved ones is the thing that keeps me going” (the volunteer)

World War II killed approximately 50-56 million people during that time. (WWII history) Not all these deaths were associated with direct shooting but also by the holocaust which was a big social issue. The death of those millions of people affected millions more. But war is sometimes necessary to protect your country. Or even a defense to another country attacking us. War is the eye opening to us as humans that we need to be thankful for our soldiers out there fighting every day to protect this country and so we are safe. So sometimes for the good of the families in the US fighting is the only solution.