Home office cruelty broke our hearts

Subject: Home office cruelty broke our hearts
From: Arezou
Date: 14 Dec 2016

Today my father got a rejection letter from home office for his visa application. A retired 69 years man. Home office is xenophobic. We will have a sad Christmas because an officer from home office is a heartless paranoid person.
They rejected the visa because my father is totally alone in our home country and they said maybe he doesn't come back after his visit.

I am senior scientist. My husband is lecturer in university. We both are UK permanent resident. Why can't we invite my old father for Christmas to our home?
We are not allowed to appeal or question the decision. This is unjustified. Is this democracy UK is proud of? British people reading my post, is this moral that minority and foreigners are treated like this in your country?

If by chance a border officer read this, do you underestimate the impact of your cruel baseless decisions on families daily life?

Teresa May is daughter of a priest. God witness your cruelties and punish you and your family if not in this world after your death.
Picture is my little daughter who never saw his grand father.