To His New Girl

Subject: To His New Girl
From: His Last Girl
Date: 26 Nov 2022

I wish I could tell you our break up didn't hurt that much, it did and it still does.

I may not be completely healed right now but eventually I will be. I have accepted the duly fact that we are not meant to be way before our relationship ended.

Although, I wish he has been honest with you about what really happened to us. How many times I have accepted him before I lost trust. How I did help him before I finally gave up. How I was the sweetest before I became toxic due to his lies and manipulation. How I was still around while you two became a thing. How I was badly hurt when he kept me trapped in his situation while you 're already there for him. How he jumped into a new relationship without settling his issues first. And I know in his story, it's me, I'm the problem, it's me! Because him being honest might not gain your trust if you only knew those things.

But you know what, inspite of all the pain I've been through, I could never wish him bad. I still want him to be happy even if it's not with me. He's still the first person I've ever loved. He was my first everything. I have too many great memories with him before everything fell apart.

So I hope you can still give him the love that he deserves. When he tells you I love you, tell him you love him more and never forget the word "I". When he gave you all those flowers and chocolates, show him how much you appreciate it. With all the rides you will ever be with, hug him tight and make him feel safe. When you eat together, treat him too no matter how much he insists. When he sends you those long paragraphs full of promises of love and how he will never leave, respond with the same affection. Be proud of him, encourage him and support him in the best way that you can. Be grateful always and make him feel loved. Do all the things I never did. And most importantly, I hope you never give up the way I did.

I have no regrets of ever breaking up with him even when it hurts, even when I badly want us to work out. Just like you, I believed him too. But maybe, this time is different. It might be you who can make his life better. Maybe what he really needs is your love. Maybe he has changed. Maybe the problem I have with him won't be repeated to you because he finally learned.

And I know, what he wants is to start anew with you leaving all the problems he has created in the past... including me.

So then, I'm sending you all the love that still remains after he chose you.

May you always be gentle, kind, loving and understanding - things he mostly needed but I failed to maintain.

You are now his new found grace so please take care of him.

From his last girl