Heart Shattered

Subject: Heart Shattered
From: Domenick
Date: 13 Jun 2017

I met the most wonderful girl I could ever possibly meet. We became a couple and fell very much in love. We enjoyed being together, talked on phone everyday. Never missed saying good morning or good night. She was pure beauty. Her face, her smile, everything was great. When we kissed I was on another planet, when we made love I was in heaven. I was getting ready to propose and she had no idea. Suddenly she says she stopped loving me, this hurt so bad, for three days all I did was lay in bed and cry. Now she has accused me of doing something that is not true. I am so lost without here and she wont even talk to me, not even to try to be friends. I do not know what to do but I do know I do not want to live life without here. Mary if you see this, I love you so very much