The guy who called Joe Biden a radio show !let's go Brandon

Subject: The guy who called Joe Biden a radio show !let's go Brandon
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 30 Dec 2021

Let me say this of the gentlemen who called up Joe Biden on Christmas telling him (let's go Brandon) as saying go f himself who should be nameless show very poor taste & ignorance to disrespect The president . You have the right as free speech but, you show your lack of bad language you don't have to like Joe Biden or his policy not to mention recognize as the president of the United States but, at least show respect for. him as a person who hold the office of the presidency. Joe Biden show real class by annoying this individual and his foul mouth. Unlike the last person who held office four years of insults rather his opposition opponents or his own party Republicans as well American people including the media with constant insults . I personally think that Donald Trump can go f*ck himself just for being a miserable human being & president for the last four years! The guy who called up President Biden who his nobody just a asshole who got nothing better to do is to insult the president of The United States just wondering if he was in basement or if he had any real guts to express that in Joe Biden 's face ? do yourself a favor just go away just like I wish Donald Trump would go away !