To the Guy I loved or should I say still love and will never be unloved

Subject: To the Guy I loved or should I say still love and will never be unloved
From: Someone not so nice
Date: 23 Feb 2016

We started as chatmates at a certain dating site, we chat a lot everyday but I never knew that he will play the biggest part in my life. That time I'm broken, or could be perfectly define as LOST! Yes! Im lost because of a guy who made me feel a totally worthless creature, but then this guy came (the one Im describibg in my title) he's first message in the dating site was "oh! I think I won't sleep today because I saw an agellic face in you", he caught my attention coz of his OA message, I msged him back but the first chatting session was just short since we have 7 hrs gap coz his in nigeria and I am in the Philippines (but were both Filipino). Since Im broken I tried to keep myself busy, then I realized that we were chatting regularly ( btw we are in a relationship in just 3 days of chatting, yes that quick) I fell for him, we survived our first month, even though his far he sent me flowers for our first monthsary. That time Im ready to give up everything and wait patiently for him to go back here. I knew that everything is true about us the commitment, the ILOVEYOU (s). It doesnt take long for us to see each other, I think its just around 2 weeks after our first monthsary and he came back to Philippines and we've met. Because of some reasons we've decided to live in one roof since Im just renting my room and my family is in our province (yes, im living my life alone before he came, i think for almost a year already) those days were the happiest! I think he's staying for good already (he may leave maybe just for some projects or meetings) and wait I almost forgot Im only 22 but a professional teacher already and his already 32! Yes 10 years gap (i never mind the age because he's a real handsome guy, his actions are so adorable, that made me fall inlove with him evenmore everyday) we fight but not much and just for small reasons. He spoiled me with the things I want, the places I want to see. That time I already forgot the guy who broke me for almost 3 years before he came (and I was just like super duper really thankful and grateful for God gave me him). We are now together for almost five months (oopsy I almost forgot its our 6th monthsary today) but yesterday was the day I wanna slashed in my calendar of life, I caught him hiding something from me. He and his ex are still communicating (yes! I was really shocked) I cried a lot yesterday as well as him. He explained everything they were together since his 4th year high school yes! Since when he turned 16! They were together for almost 16 yrs. Should I give up? I don't have the guts to fight for him, 6 mos. Vs 16 years? Im broken even than before! But I cant leave him. He explained to me that he owe his job from that girl because her uncle is his boss. He got a really high salary from that work. He stopped me from leaving and asked for second chance. He told me that I have to give him time to get back things to normal. He told me that he's already working on it. He told me that Im the reason why he broke up with her, that I am the one he really loves, that he's willing to get back things again after he's done with her ex (yes they were not already together when he get back here, but the girl is still in hope that things between us will get better he told me that he cant just throw the girl because of his job because once the family of the knew what happened he will eventually get fired of the company. So I have no choice but to trust him again 101% percent and give him time to have a good closure with his ex without him getting fired of the job. I hope things get better soon. (Btw I knew everything about us is real, I already met his whole family) those are just whitelies I guess he maybe dont want me to be involved until his done.