To the guy friend who I fell in love with and left my life.

Subject: To the guy friend who I fell in love with and left my life.
Date: 16 Jun 2017

Let me rewind things up and explain things from my perspective. I considered you a dear friend. A precious person to me. I went out of my way countless times to make sure you were okay. To try to make you tell me about your problems so I could help you find a solution. To try to cheer you up. To help you in various ways. To give you little gifts out of pure kindness and without even thinking of a payback. Because I thought this was the kind of relationship we had. Being nice to each other without any motive. No matter what. The only thing I wanted was respect.
Yes, I did fall in love with you along the way. I put up with it because i thought it would pass away and it didn't. And when I understood it won't, I did put up with it because you told me "You're my only friend." and I had to be there as a friend. Because I would have done absolutely anything to make you happy.
But eventually I told you. Knowing it was one-sided. Knowing I would get rejected. Knowing it would hurt. But I did it. Because I needed to be honest with you. And honest with myself. And when I wanted to take a bit of distances after it, I told you too. Because i had a duty to be honest to someone who called me his friend. But look at what you did.You were never honest. You told me you wouldn't leave my side but you did. You called me your friend and you left and blocked me. And even there you didn't have the decency to tell me. I had to reach to someone else for answers. I loved you at your worst. I truly did. I miss you. I miss what we were. I wonder what we could have been if I never said anything. You chose to leave my life and you won't get to come back as you please. You betrayed my trust. So yes, I loved you, I trusted you,I missed you and will still miss you. I cried over you. But now I just don't want to care anymore. The only thing I see is that I gave you my trust and that you crushed it without even looking at me straight.
We might talk again someday, play games again, be somewhat friendly. But let me tell you that : I will NEVER. EVER. trust you again.
And I sincerely hope you will stop daydreaming about your fantaisies of being a justice hero who sacrificies himself for the well being of others. and ACTUALLY try to be a good person who doesn't betray the trust of people who gave him everything they had.
That is what a hero would do. That's what true kindness is. I hope that you will realize it someday.
The girl who loved you from the bottom of her heart.