Guns, Hate, Division; WHAT?

Subject: Guns, Hate, Division; WHAT?
From: A Perturbed American
Date: 20 Feb 2018

Dear America,

"Guns don't kill people; people kill people"
If only that was 100% true. Yes, a human being pulls the trigger, but the bullet fires from the barrel of the gun. Please, stop looking at only one side of such serious issues going on in the world.

We need to start taking action! We sit here and as soon as a tragedy happens, all that comes from our mouths is either poisonous venom or "Sending my prayers and thoughts" which isn't always sincere.

We need to work on gun control. Why is it still so easy for many people to get a hold of a gun legally? We need to have more anti-bullying programs in place. We need to bring Mental Health Education into ALL of our schools. How about metal detectors in schools? How about rappers focusing on love and all the beautiful things? We dont need raps about drugs, rape, and murder. How about not allowing young children to play violent video games?

Just Thoughts:

-Gun Control: Stricter rules. You have to be at least 21 years old to purchase a gun. Individuals under the age of 30 need to take a 12 month course and those above 30 need to take a 6 month course before purchasing a gun. Courses need to be taken again every 3 years. Individuals with guns/plan to purchase a gun, must have a mandatory inspection of their gun and the location of the gun every few months. Failure to consent, equals no gun.

-Anti-Bullying: Alot of the times when we read more on mass shootings, we see a common pattern for many of them. The shooter had a past of being bullied. We talk so much about people being bullied into committing suicide, but what about people being bullied into shooting up the place? Yes one of them is more traumatizing, takes more lives, and effects many more people, but we can't just bypass it! Our children need to learn how bullying someone can lead to a very dangerous outcome. An Anti-Bullying program should be put into place in every school.

-Mental Health Education: We need to make Mental Health Education mandatory in every school in America! We learn about the 4 main subjects (math, science, english, and history) and physical health. Why can't we learn about mental health? Something that effects so many of us?

And here's something: Every single state needs to be on board. We live in the UNITED States of America, not the DIVIDED State of America.

We talk so much about "Rights", but what about our right to LIVE?!

Donald Trump, I know that being President doesn't allow you to always change things so smoothly. But please, all we ask is that you TRY. America is as much your home, as it is ours. Stop tweeting, and spend more time taking action.

We need to work TOGETHER!!!

A Perturbed American