God Bless The Canadian Truckers Our Freedom Fighters - A Tribute Poem

Subject: God Bless The Canadian Truckers Our Freedom Fighters - A Tribute Poem
From: A Fellow Patriot
Date: 17 Feb 2022

God bless our brave truckers,
Who risk so much for us all.
For freedom of speech and choice,
They stand so firm and tall.

To keep food and medicine in our homes,
Daily they drive through rain and snow.
Separated from their own families for days,
Our economies they surely help grow.

When the COVID virus made its surprise attack,
"Essential Workers", they were called for two years.
They kept the pharmacies and supermarkets full,
Their reliability helped to calm our logistical fears.

As the two weeks soon grew into months and then years,
Our masks and toilet paper became important indeed.
While the world was shut down, most worked from their home,
But thousands kept on truckin to meet our every need.

These tireless truckers kept all our hospitals open.
Delivering all the normal medical supplies and the new PPE.
While safe in our homes, we all took them for granted,
And wrongly believed that we were still free.

As the fear-mongering began to grow,
And Dr. Fauci flipped and then flopped,
We all felt that something was wrong,
As our trust in our government dropped.

Real scientists began to protest and speak out,
But they were quickly censored by the biased media.
The woke left became bullies and cancelled the truth,
They grew so bold to ban books and even stole Wikipedia

With the elite and their Big Tech and Pharma friends.
Leaders soon became drunk on their emergency power,
They forgot their role as our elected public servants,
As they gloated and prospered sitting in their ivory tower.

They insulted us all and blamed others for their blunders,
As our freedoms and rights were gradually taken away.
So nervous and angry they grew when we asked to see the science,
When those question continued they would simply say...

"Shut up and obey - You are a Nazi and and racist too!"
We have the wealth and power and that's why we rule."
But they have no monopoly on intelligence nor logic,
And were quite wrong to assume we are all just a fool.

Soon a class war developed and it became us versus them.
The Democracy Dream was being hijacked by socialist goons.
Our future looked bleak as they used our own taxes to punish us,
But along came some patriots who were singing different tunes

They gathered together as David to challenge the onerous Goliath,
For their children and ours they decided to make a stand.
All the world quickly took notice with a sigh and pure glee,
For the first time in three years we now feel united as "WE"

We the people will support the courageous truckers for sure,
To help restore some sanity and the normal we all once knew.
So now it's good versus evil - our only chance to prevail,
The next few days in Ottawa our brave truckers must do...

All that you and I dear citizen should have done for ourselves,
Remind our politicians that they were elected to serve OUR will,
And never to just decide it for us, as they now clearly do,
For all their massive spending they always stick us with the bill.

Good leaders listen much more than they talk,
They serve all the people equally, not just those that agree.
But Trudeau is a bully not open to discussion or debate
He cares not whether Canadians are happy nor free.

God bless our truckers in their noble quest,
To us every one is a patriot and certainly a hero.
Trudeau the tyrant has shown his true colors,
He thinks he's a king and now he really must go.

Civil disobedience is certainly now justified,
Against the selfish tyrants seeking total control.
We must stand up together in confidence
And demand the return of all that they stole.

Do not comply with selective and unjust laws,
That are designed only to exploit, punish, or suppress.
Stop preaching to the choir in private and fear,
Because your prolonged silence helped to create this mess

If we truly love your children my friends,
Let's all prove it now with both our voices and deeds.
So our kids will inherit the free life we all once shared,
If we support our truckers, the WEF puppets will cave to our needs

Yes, mandate BS will soon end, if we fully support our truckers in protest,
Its no longer time to remain silent as mere spectators you all,
Why remain part of the problem when you can be part of the solution?
Stand up, speak out, and join Freedom's call!

BTW... My immigrant grandfather, a veteran of WWII once told me when I was 10 years old; "People who are not willing to fight for freedom, probably don't deserve it". I think he had point now worth pondering. What say you all?

This man is a shameful disgrace to every Canadian; https://smartcdn.gprod.postmedia.digital/v1/dynamic_resize/sws_path/suns...

What Trudeau doesn't want Canadians to know: https://www.docdroid.net/Vm3Suaa/covid-facts-pdf