To the Girl Who Stole My Boyfriend,

Subject: To the Girl Who Stole My Boyfriend,
From: The stronger me
Date: 1 Sep 2023

I hope you're proud of yourself. Congratulations on successfully breaking apart what was once a meaningful and loving 6year relationship. I'm writing this letter to express the overflowing hatred and resentment that has built up within me since the moment you decided to insert yourself into my life.

It takes a certain level of audacity and heartlessness to knowingly pursue someone who is already committed to another person. Did you think about the devastation you would unleash when you chose to stay, disregarding the pain you were causing? I can only imagine that you took delight in ripping apart the dreams and plans my boyfriend and I had meticulously crafted together.

You've single-handedly shattered the happiness and trust I once had. The dreams we nurtured and the future we envisioned are now nothing but fragments, scattered to the wind because you couldn't resist meddling in something that wasn't yours to begin with. Your selfishness and lack of empathy have left me grappling with emotions I never thought possible.

You might revel in your role as the destroyer of love and happiness, but I want you to understand the depth of the damage you've inflicted. The tears, the anguish, the sleepless nights spent replaying every moment in my head—all of this is a result of your actions. You saw a relationship that was thriving and deliberately decided to taint it with your own desires.

I don't expect you to grasp the magnitude of the pain you've caused, as your actions have likely been driven by your own selfish desires. You probably don't care about the shattered dreams and broken hearts left in your wake. But I want you to know that your choices have real consequences, and the damage you've done won't be forgotten easily.

I wonder if you ever considered the ramifications of your actions—the tears that have been shed, the sleepless nights spent questioning what went wrong, and the self-doubt that has crept into my thoughts. Your choices have not only affected my relationship but also my self-esteem and confidence.

It's easy to dismiss these emotions as mere collateral damage in the pursuit of what you wanted. But it's important to remember that our actions have real consequences on the lives of others. I implore you to reflect on the pain you've caused and the destruction you've left in your wake.

While I acknowledge that my ex-boyfriend also played a role in this situation, it is you who insisted on staying, tearing apart the fabric of our relationship. I hold you accountable for the hurt I've had to endure, the dreams I've had to let go of, and the journey I've been forced to navigate without the person I thought would be by my side.

As I write this letter, I hope that you take a moment to consider the gravity of your choices and the impact they've had. It's never too late to make amends and acknowledge the pain you've caused. While healing may take time, I believe that understanding the consequences of our actions is a crucial step toward personal growth and change.

The stronger me