To the girl who says she will never be enough

Subject: To the girl who says she will never be enough
From: The girl who thinks the same way
Date: 19 Feb 2016

"Love yourself girl or nobody will"
I often feel like i might never be enough. Being a senior in high school and 18 years old now i often wonder why i have yet to be enough for someone to love me. I spend countless days thinking of diabolical plans to get you to notice me. I think of comments i could say to but in on conversations you might be having later on that week or even ways to catch your attention. Honestly i spend the majority of my time wondering what i can do to change your mind.

And now i know

I will always be enough and always have been enough. I know deep down youve caught my attention and i just didnt catch yours but thats okay! I know now that just because a boy doesnt come to me like they come to my friends or text me late at night because they want my attention doesnt mean im not enough for someone. I might not be enough to you but someday im going to be enough for someome and theyre going to be enough to me.