To the girl who my ex boyfriend cheated on me with

Subject: To the girl who my ex boyfriend cheated on me with
From: A girl who was in love with him to a girl who is falling in love with him
Date: 4 Oct 2015

Hello Lissy,
I don't know you just as you don't know me. You may think that you do, but trust me, you don't.
Whatever you think you know about me probably isn't true, so I will introduce myself first. I am 19, and I started dating Andrew in March, just about 6 months ago. From what I understand, you didn't know anything about that, so it's okay, I don't hold you against much. We both fell for a lying bastard, as far as I'm concerned.
I saw your profile on Facebook when I was sitting in my college computer laboratory, taking a break from studying. You can probably imagine the sea of emotions I felt when I saw your profile picture--to me, it was my ex boyfriend, whom I broke up with a week ago, with a girl that I don't recognize.
They look surprisingly like the ones that we used to take--him holding the camera, both of you smiling and happy. Your pictures were posted months ago, before I broke up with him. Yes, that would mean that he was seeing you the same time he was seeing me. If you're anything like me, I think you would be kind of grossed out right now. But you're about to be even more grossed out.
When I confronted your "boyfriend" about this, he told me that he didn't love you, that your relationship is built on just sex, and that he is not attached to you and only you are attached to him. I don't know the nature of your relationship, but I can hardly imagine that this would be a fair statement for you.
You obviously enjoy your relationship quite a bit, and nobody deserves to be put down like this. When I broke up with Andrew about a week ago because of our differences, he sobbed and asked me to give him one more chance.
He'd texted me, telling me how he was too depressed to do anything, that all he did was crying, and I felt terrible for him. What I didn't know was that you existed, and what you didn't know was that he was going through all that with me--that is, supposing that he was actually that devastated, which I am doubting very much right now.
But my point is, girlie, that you deserve much better. You don't deserve a liar and cheater who has bullshit coming out of his mouth all the time. Once a cheater, always a cheater--keep that in mind. I don't know what he said to you about me, but I am not a vengeful ex girlfriend telling the current girlfriend what is wrong with your love, I am speaking to you as a girl who was in love with the wrong person to a girl who is about to fall in love with him now. Lissy, find somebody who is worthy and wouldn't break your heart the way he shattered mine. Take this with a grain of salt and take care.

Andrew's ex