A Former IRS Agent Warns America Of The Political Persecution Coming Your Way Soon - More Deliberate Misery Planned By Our Oligarchs And The WEF...

Subject: A Former IRS Agent Warns America Of The Political Persecution Coming Your Way Soon - More Deliberate Misery Planned By Our Oligarchs And The WEF...
From: A Former IRS Agent - Retired in Florida
Date: 15 Aug 2022

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Many moons ago I worked one year for the IRS here in Florida when Democrats used to wear the white hats and we all cursed the criminal war-mongering empire of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Some things have changed but not the IRS which has for at least for 5 decades, has been used as a political weapon to specifically target outspoken dissidents, political opponents, protest organizers, and off course whistle-blowers and witnesses of government crimes. This massive corruption persuaded me to work elsewhere or sooner or later, I would be compelled to participate in it.

To be clear, a signature of a single IRS CID, Audit, or Collections agent can and will cause the following to happen within 48 hours;

* Freeze or seize all your personal and business bank accounts

* Lien or seize your home and any and all other real property

* Garnish your wages

* Freeze your 401K and pension funds

* Seize your jewelry, collections, and valuables

* Seize your business license

The recent announcement that the Biden Regime will soon hire 87.000 new IRS agents IN AN ELECTION YEAR leaves absolutely no doubt in my mind that these agents will be unleashed against anyone making financial donations to Republican candidates that exceeds $100 or public endorsements of those candidates. As one of my former colleagues who still works in the Miami field office just told me last week, "The new Defund the GOP war plans are already in the works in DC" (Where the Commissioner is based).

The idea that only millionaires and billionaires will be targeted is a joke, and unfortunately a blatant lie. Millionaires and billionaires do not evade taxes - they legal avoid them with tax code loopholes they all lobbied for years ago. The vast majority of their funds are safely banked off-shore in Panama, Cypress, and even China. They are virtually untouchable and besides, they donate millions to both the DNC and RNC to be left alone by the IRS.

Those that will surely be audited are those that cannot afford a tax attorney to resist the money grabs - 80% of which will go uncontested by the intimidated and overwhelmed taxpayer who will surrender out of simple, plain fear.

In this regard, the fear is deliberate and agents are trained at Glynco, Georgia 10 different ways how to scare the hell out you and your neighbors so everyone "cooperates" to avoid an audit of their own. Recently, in the last year, IRS have been receiving military training just like this here https://www.bitchute.com/video/1XUbdzU0b83s/

Let me share one story with you of a bar and grill owner in Florida who once donated over $300,000 to the campaign of Ron Paul, who was always an outspoken, but rather truthful Congressmen who often exposed corruption, and became quite good at doing so.

This bar owner, (lets call him "Howard") had made hundreds of copies of Ron Paul's newsletters that highlighted corrupt acts of politicians and passed them on to anyone and everyone who had a drink at his very popular bar and grill on Florida's inter-coastal waterway. Howard also circulated a petition to get Dick Cheney prosecuted for a variety of well-documented crimes including his huge illegal profits in Enron and Haliburton's no-bid government contracts worth $Billions.

Well, my former group manager at the IRS gave a strange file to my former colleague to "thoroughly investigate" Howard. But my colleague was confused by the assignment and share the "empty file" with me. There was no history of TDIs or TDAs (tax delinquency issues) and there was no "tips" or other indications of tax evasion, and all of his personal and biz tax forms were filed promptly in a timely manner. In short, there was no legitimate basis to investigate Howard.

I suggested that my colleague directly ask our Group Manager what should be investigated. He did so, and was bluntly told that he should "dig until you find something to justify freezing or seizing his assets. I was told we have to shut this guy down because he is a trouble-maker". This manager even told my colleague that his promotion to GS-13 was on the line.

Long story short, my colleague intimidated one of the bartenders to admit that daily revenues averaged about $6,000 and not $5,000 claimed on tax forms, but Howard had some vendors who only accepted cash for their deliveries of Charcoal, fresh fish, shellfish, and lobster as well as propane gas and cleaning supplies in order to get discounted pricing. These purchases were paid from the till and could not be documented with receipts. So Howard who had monthly profits of only $15,000 for a five day work week (water-front rents in Florida are astronomical) underwent a 2 week audit, and was hit with a 7 year tax bill of $837,000 based on "revenue assumptions" and "guesstimates"

Most of Howard's income went to support his wife and 3 kids, one of whom was autistic and required $6,000 a month of special education and therapy, of which less than half was covered by health plans and government programs.

As a regular diner at Howard's bar and grill, I eventually learned that he decided he could not afford a tax attorney after one of the IRS came in one day and demanded full payment of the $837,000. Howard did not have the money to shell out even half of this amount, so his liquor license and business license were seized by the IRS who said they would return them only when the back taxes were paid. His personal and business checking accounts were also frozen. The tax attorney wanted a $30,000 retainer just to "review the case" and another $50,000 to contest the matter in a tax court.

When Howard went to take out a second mortgage against his home to pay the taxes, he was told that was not possible because the IRS had placed a lien against his home! So in the end after 2 months of no revenues (without his business and liquor license he had to close) Howard could no longer pay the rent and was evicted by his landlord and a fully functional and equipped bar and grill was sold to an illegal alien for 6 month's rent who took over the lease.

Howard could not handle this growing stress and began drinking which in less than a year, caused a divorce from his wife of 15 years. Neither Ron Paul nor any other politician came to his rescue. Howard was now facing accumulating interest and penalties from the IRS and attempted a suicide that failed, but manged to destroy most of his home. The IRS was forced into a settlement after Howard's home became unsellable.

Howard was given back his life for a $280,000 tax settlement after 2 years of intense mental anguish and monthly harassment. By my calculations Howard had paid over $6 million in taxes over the 12 year period BEFORE he was targeted for a "thorough investigation". Howard now works as an assistant manger at an Olive Garden for $22 an hour and moved in with his 79 year old mother. He visits his kids once a month 400 miles away in Orlando.

My former colleague was promoted to GS-13 and will retire this year as a GS-14 Group Manager. If he were to subpoenaed before Congress he would tell you dozens of stories very similar to Howard's and many even worse.

The IRS has no real oversight and is regularly used as weapon of vengeance or to disable fund-raising of specific political campaigns both locally and nationally, and even causes such as gun and pro-life activist groups. Just look at how many gun shop owners have been audited in comparison to dry-cleaners, or convenience store owners.

I have no regrets leaving the IRS. If Congress were to simply pass a 10% flat tax rate without loopholes for anyone, we would not even need the IRS. A storm is coming our way friends and I urge anyone who supports Donald Trump to learn the term "Offer In Compromise" if you cannot afford to fight back to keep your money yours. Studies over the years have proven that in 72% of cases nation-wide, the findings of IRS audits are erroneous.

Reform should have been immediate after the Tea Party scandal. Failure to make those reforms will now cause misery like Howard's all over America as the Democrats will resort to any means to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. The IRS staffers have all been given guns and the agency bought 5 million rounds of ammunition. Why? https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertwood/2019/01/14/irs-has-4500-guns-5-m... You've been warned.

This is not just about stealing more money from 75 million selected Americans who disagree with Biden's self-destructive policies and deceptive narrative. IMO, it is part of a much larger plan to accelerate the impoverishment of America and wear down our will power to resist the imposition of the NWO - a new brand of Marxist socialist government actively promoted by the WEF with their membership of the world's 300+ billionaires and influencers. As admitted by Canada's PM, they want to duplicate China's government for the world where elites make all of our choices and free speech and protests are outlawed. No, this is not a conspiracy friends, they hold regular meetings and President Obama signed off on this plan while he was president. Get more info about the WEF here https://www.globalresearch.ca/great-reset-snakes-slithering-together-dav... Draw your own conclusion.

Remember, desperate people do desperate things, and if we are all broke, it will not be difficult for many sheeple to embrace a NWO that gives us all food stamps, welfare moneys, and cheap public housing, but takes away our freedoms of choice, travel, and speech. The IRS used to be controlled by the U.S. Treasury Department but as evidenced by it's new ".ice" web site suffix, final management has been transferred to DHS. Why?

Over the last decade FEMA has secretly built 800 detention centers complete with electric double fences and guard towers. They sit empty today, but have bunks for over 2 million prisoners. Over $2 Billion was expended on this black project with no debate or discussion in Congress. Who will be their guests? Tax protesters, NWO protesters, Outspoken patriots, or all of the above? https://www.educate-yourself.org/cn/femaconcentrationcamplocations07sep0...

BTW... IRS agents don't really need guns to steal your money. They can do it all with just a pen. They only need a gun when people say "Enough is enough!" and decide to fight back against the political power grab. Come to thing about it, that's what our ancestors did in Boston when they were tired of tax abuse way back when King George tried to shake them down for a stiff tax on tea. Will King Joseph be taught the same lesson or will We The Sheeple just pay it? Hmmm...