Fired for Christmas

Subject: Fired for Christmas
From: Georgia
Date: 21 Dec 2015

I worked there for a year and some change. I poured my heart and soul into his suffering practice. I survived his insufferable wife and odd practices with a smile on my face. I put up with long hours and no help for the entire time and was still one of the lowest paid dental assistants in the area. I gave 100% and often ended up staying until 8pm most nights. Everything was perfect as long as I was able to be used and abused. I literally slaved away for this man so much that I got sick over the summer and they never hired more help or relaxed my load. I turned his unhappy, unorganized mess of an office into a well oiled machine that could keep up with the competition. I found new ways to make the patient comfortable and welcomed. His patients loved me and I loved them. I gave my everything to this job as I often do in life. That is until my husband, who is in the navy, was deployed. Once that happened I was unable to be used as much because my husband was not there to care for our two kids. Well it was harder to get there early or stay late having to be single mom for half a year. Come Christmas our kids were out of school on the 17th and Dr. Lemme required I work through the 23 leaving me to travel home on Christmas Eve by myself with two children. i would also have to find a babysitter for 4 days for my 6 year old. I knew this wouldn't work. I was unable to afford a sitter for those days. So I asked if I could leave early. He did not answer specifically. HE CERTAINLY DIDN'T TELL ME TO FILL OUT A FORM. I assumed it wouldn't be a big deal. I had asked for time off this past October to travel to Texas for a family reunion. He stated last time that he didn't give me the time off because he did t know I was serious. So, I wrote him an email after I got word of my mom finding a mass on her mammogram and having a biopsy. I told him I needed to go earlier because I didn't want to miss her birthday. But really I didn't want to spread her having cancer until we were sure and I wanted to be there for her. Instead of working with me or offering me an ultimatum to stay and work or be fired. He fired me. On Christmas. When my mom was going through being diagnosed with breast cancer. This man and his wife are phony, judgmental people. They preached a false sermon of family and love as long as I was able to be used and when I needed something I was tossed out on my butt. Three days!!!! I was fired for needing to take off for three days. He stated that I didn't fill out the proper paperwork. Paperwork I didn't even know what or where it was. Paperwork that when he told me where it was he didn't even sound like he believed what he was saying. This was so unjust I don't know if I could ever work in this field again. How can I trust anyone ever again? How can I recommend my military friends go to this man who fired me and used my husband being deployed as one of his reasons. This man has been through more assistants than he has years practicing. He will never find a good assistant because he is not willing to pay for one. I put up with the laughable wages because I loved my job and my husband's job supported me. If you're military and looking for a dentist in Oak Harbor Washington. Do not give your business to Dr. Michael Lemme DDS.