The Federal Thieves... I mean Reserve

Subject: The Federal Thieves... I mean Reserve
From: Ves
Date: 29 Oct 2022

If you go to the St. Louis Federal Reserve web site they have a nice explanation about what it is exactly that the Federal Reserve does:
I have to give them credit, at least they put it in English we can all understand, but there's still no missing the BS.

I quote from their web site: "Before the Federal Reserve was founded, the nation was plagued with financial crises. At times, these crises led to "panics" in which people raced to their banks to withdraw their deposits. The failure of one bank often had a domino effect, in which customers of other banks rushed to withdraw funds from their own banks even if those banks were not in danger of failing. Banks needed a source of emergency reserves to prevent the panics and resulting runs from driving them out of business.

What led to the creation of the Federal Reserve? A particularly severe panic in 1907 resulted in bank runs that wreaked havoc on the fragile banking system and ultimately led Congress in 1913 to write the Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve System was initially created to address these banking panics. It is now charged with several broader responsibilities, including fostering a sound banking system and a healthy economy."

And there's pages and pages of this stuff with them patting themselves on the back, telling us what a noble purpose they have and how the stability of the economy is impossible without them.

Well, if Federal Reserve is doing such a great job, why has the dollar lost 90% of it's value, and why did we have bank bailouts in 2008? And why have we created trillions of dollars in the last couple of years, and why are we having huge inflation and a recession right now? And why are the BRICS nations working to get rid of the dollar as the reserve currency? Seems to me they're not doing such a great job, are they?

If you look at what's really happened over the years. Banks are responsible for all the economic woes. Even the panic of 1907 was a result of speculative investments and crooked bankers and the constant drive for more and more money. The appetite is insatiable. And there we were again in 2008. And here we are now. Back then no Federal Reserve, now a Federal Reserve.

There is an outright lie there also. Congress did not write the Federal Reserve Act. A bunch of bankers, caught with their industry pants down, decided they better put together a proposal, or Congress would regulate them. That was written in 1910 and it actually took them three years to finally get the leverage and to convince someone to sponsor the bill. And it was made law during the Christmas Holiday when most politicians weren't even present.

What's the end result? Even though Congress has the Constitutional right to print money without going through a bank. The Act gives the Federal Reserve (a bunch of private bankers) exclusive rights to print money and control the money supply. And when the government needs money, they borrow it from the Fed, at interest, and we the citizens get to pay the interest on those loans in the form of taxes, and inflation (just another form of tax). Worse yet, it's a smoke and mirrors game because the Federal Reserve doesn't really have any reserves (ok tehnically 10%). And the Act instituted fractional reserve banking as the mode of operation, meaning banks are allowed to loan out money at nine times what they actually have.

Back in the days when money was gold, banks did the same thing. When someone deposited their gold with the bank, the bank gave them a certificate of deposit. Which was easier than carrying gold, so people just started trading gold certificates. The problem was banks figured out that at any time, only a fraction of depositors actually asked for their gold, so they started writing up more certificates than they had gold to cover, and they put those into circulation. Fractional reserve banking, except back then it was illegal. Because what happened if everyone wanted their gold... ooops! So the Federal Reserve Act actually made a previously illegal practice legal! Bank runs aren't a problem if the banks actually have the money that they say they do.

But we're not even on the gold standard any more. It's all just paper. The "reserve" is paper, the loans are paper, just numbers floating around, and we all pay interest on it, making the bankers richer and richer with our labor.

We pay taxes because government needs money, but if they can't print their own money, where else are they going to get it from but us? It started during WWI, we had to finance the war, so there was a 5% voluntary income tax. It was supposed to be temporary, but when is giving government money ever temporary? Prior to that, government was so small that they basically ran off fees and tariffs. But there just wasn't enough money to finance the war. So "temporary" taxes.

That's not the first time that happened. During the civil war Lincoln didn't have the money either, but he was smart, he did print money (paper just like now) without help from the banks. That money was still in circulation through the 1990's when the Central Bank (Federal Reserve) took it out of circulation. But it was money, without interest! Of course Lincoln was assassinated, and it seems that the bankers of the time were behind it, because they couldn't allow him to continue doing that.

Prior to him, Jefferson ran for president just to get rid of the Central Bank, and there was an assassination attempt made on his life. But he did eventually kill the Central Bank and we didn't have one for 70+ years. And it wasn't the first time we got rid of the Central Bank. But of course it didn't last, because the bankers don't give up. They just keep getting richer and richer and bribing more and more politicians to get what they want.

What we now call the economic cycle, easy money, tight money, expansion, contraction, is just another way for banks to take what we have. When they make money easy to get, low interest, people take out lots of loans and price of goods goes up so our buying power goes down (inflation; a tax), then when they tighten money, and we end up in recession, people go broke and since the banks own everything, they get those assets for pennies on the dollar. I can't imagine how much of that happened during the COVID years. Huge wealth transfer.

Central Banks are the problem. And we don't need them. Lincoln's experiment was proof on a large scale that we don't need them. Why should they be able to make money on nothing, make loans of money they don't have? If you and I did that it would be fraud.

There is no good reason that Congress should not take over the money printing and supply, given that a couple things be put in place.

One. The money supply should be tied to the population growth and/or some minimum. For example, 1-3% increase per year, which is set and can not be changed, except by an act of Congress. Then those making the monetary policy are accountable to the people. If population growth is high, then we match the population growth.

Two. Banks should not operate on a fractional reserve system. Loans must be fully backed, 100% reserve. Then there is no such thing as a panic bank run. The money is always there.

By doing this, all government debt would be wiped out, and easy money, the boom bust cycle would stop, taxes could be reduced or eliminated, and banks wouldn't have the power over our lives they have now.

There is another problem. Government has a money addiction, and they're war mongers, which are self reinforcing. But that's how the banks like it; financing both sides of a war is good business! All illustrated by the fact that the US, with NATO, pressured Russia for years by trying to make Ukraine a Western ally, when Putin insisted they stay neutral. But anyway, $60 billion gone just like that, and let's not even talk about the $1.3 trillion budget that was passed before that. Could we trust Congress to not print money like it's going out of style and cause another total devaluation?

Well, I think Congress controlling the money supply is the lessor of two evils, and the prospect of eliminating the government debt and reducing out taxes makes it a much lesser evil.

The alternative is where it's going now... CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), which is just a higher level of control and will end with some kind of Universal Basic Income, but you have to spend it, or it will expire. Get enough people on that and you basically guarantee that people will not be able to build any kind of wealth, ever. Living from check to check will have a whole new meaning, because now it's not even a check you earn, but one the government gives you, and what the government gives they can take away.

There's also this side issue that we should go back to gold backed or silver backed money. BRICS nations plan to have a commodity backed money. Maybe to be on level ground we can make the dollar gold backed, but really gold is being manipulated now, and the bankers actually like the gold standard for that reason; they can manipulate the market. Fiat currencies have been used for a long time. As long as there are rules in place that regulate it, paper money is perfectly acceptable. It's the Central Banks, manipulating the money supply and profiting of the booms and busts that's the problem; making up the rules as they go along, and answerable to no one.

What's the promise of Bitcoin? That it's controlled by the people, requiring a majority to make any changes, and the rules are hard coded otherwise. We don't need Bitcoin to have those two things.

So, write your congressman, your rep, and tell them you're sick and tired of the NON-Federal NO-Reserve, private bankers making a killing of everyone directly, via the government debt, and making interest on money they don't actually have. We need to pick up where Lincoln left off; go back to the greenbacks, interest free money, issued by Congress, and we need to end fractional reserve banking. This will also have the added benefit of discouraging war mongering, because government won't have to money to do it.

If you have a better idea, what is it? Clearly the existing system continues to siphon money from the middle and lower class, making bankers richer and richer, and we're now at the point of the US dollar failing. And all they can come up with is CBDC, which will solve nothing, and still leaves the same bankers in power, with even more power, which is what they want. The power needs to go back to the representatives of the people. Disband the Federal Reserve and then withdraw from activities in other Central Banks, World Bank and BIS.

If you want to learn more, take a few hours and watch this video: Made in 1996, but even more applicable today, because the dollar really is about to collapse.