To the FDA on banning Gay male blood donors:

Subject: To the FDA on banning Gay male blood donors:
From: Anonymous
Date: 11 Dec 2014

So you think that sexually active gay men should not be able to donate blood? Yet, when I went to donate, with a tattoo from almost a year ago, you told me that I would have to wait until it was a full year and then I’d be fine.
You need to get one thing clear- STRAIGHT PEOPLE CARRY STDs AND STIs AS MUCH AS HOMOSEXUALS! I still can’t believe that the people in charge of regulating food and drugs don’t know this simple fact! If they do, it just makes it seem like you’re trying to play God and kill people by not having a significant supply of blood. Then again, if you were trying to play God, nothing in the past of the FDA would lead me to be surprised.
If someone has HIV or AIDS, it’s detectable in the blood sample the take from your finger before you donate. it could be anyone- male, female, straight, gay…HIV does not discriminate.
What about transgenders and transexuals? Do they have to worry about whether or not they can donate? I would assume, since there was no question about my gender identity on the questionnaire that I had to fill out, that there’s no discrimination against me- a transgender man, who has had sex with men, vaginal and anal alike, with protection all the time!
With all that said, why should gay men be treated differently? I think it’s time we reform the FDA’s standards and get our heads out of the 1980’s.
I’m signing this letter as anonymous to prevent myself from getting banned from donating blood. You will see me soon at my local high school’s blood drive. I’m saving a life. Deal with it.