To the ex

Subject: To the ex
From: The ex
Date: 31 May 2020

This open letter is to finally tell you I forgive you for abusing me. You are a sociopathic narcissist and I pray you’ve found help, but I doubt it. You leave a trail of destruction of broken ex’s behind you. You may never have punched me or kicked me. But you did verbally, and emotionally abuse me. However after getting my degree in psychology and having to go to therapy sessions for my school, I learned you also sexually abused me. You stealthed me twice. This is considered rape adjacent. I had no idea! The last night we were together you violently had sex with me and I kept telling you to stop and you were hurting me. The next day you broke up with me after almost 5 years together. You left bruises all over my neck and chest, these lasted for weeks.
I only want to write this because I have finally healed. It took a long time. Now I help others that were abused by a narcissist. If you haven’t received help, I pray at some point you do. I never realized until later that your I love you’s were fraudulent and your loving actions in the beginning were a hoax. While I wish I never met you, I learned a lot. That you should never love someone until you really know them. You are the most evil person I’ve ever encountered. I believe your mother is also a narcissist. She behaved like one. I pray you never had children because they will be damaged. You hurt many people. Not just myself. But I think I may have been one of the ones you hurt the most because at one time I really loved you, that is until I realized you were the devil. I only put your first name in the event you happen to be single again, and if someone tries to research you, they have a warning to run far far away from you. You are a predator!