Entering the Army

Subject: Entering the Army
From: Tom D
Date: 13 Apr 2020

the offices where the Colonial and Sargent Major are. All you do is answer phones and take messages deal with taxis and people who wouldn’t be able to make it to PT and work in the morning. Dealing with cabs because people are to drunk and not able to pay for the cab. Dealing with fires and cleaning all day and night. Not being able to sleep until the next morning when you finally get to go home.

The little to no sleep at night to early mornings to long hours and traveling for days just to make it to a country that’s going through hell. And you get stuck in the middle of the chaos. Most people I ask who have been in, would do it all over again just because it was an adventure that them through their one way or other.

With all of that being saidt was a crazy time making friends all over the world seeing things that you wouldn’t be able to see otherwise. The worst part of the military is the politics of most things that go on like promotions and deployments. I was deployed when Obama said that the Taliban was our friend. I bet it was really easy to say that when they are not shooting at your ass.

The recruiters make life in the military almost seem awesome but there’s a lot recruiters won’t tell you. To describe the military to someone who knows nothing about it, Is difficult. The life is almost unfathomable. The only thing that is true to the t is that you get out what you put in with a little bit of extras. For instance if you going in for free school then do the schooling while in the

So when you walk in to the recruiting office think about what it is you want to do and check with the recruiter and see if they have anything open in your area of interest and go for it. Just remember as soon as you sign that dotted line your life will change forever. Whether it will be for the good or bad is really up to you.

CPL Thomas Duell