Do not love your daughter, prepare her to get abused!

Subject: Do not love your daughter, prepare her to get abused!
From: Daughter
Date: 6 Apr 2017

Dear dad (and every dad who loves his daughter)
Today after 26 years I question myself why i was brought to this world? Yes, you read it right. Why did you had me and later you taught me all wrong,all these years? Why? Why i was kept in imaginary world of love and kept away from reality? All the years you told me stories of my prince charming who would come and love me even more then you. You should have also told me the other side of the story! The story of a cruel prince, prince who beats his princess.
Dad you said i was beautiful, but the prince you found don't think the same.
Dad you also said i was smart and very intelligent but my prince says that i am stupid, and also my dad is stupid.
My prince hates my body, he says i look sick.
My prince also calls me a Dog as he feels I follow him around the house.
My prince punches me in bed if i accidentally touch him.
Those punches are very painful but those words are even more.
My prince dont want me to talk to you Dad as he fears i would tell you things.
He pushes me to the walls and the doors, he drags me by my hair it hurts, its really hurts a lot!
Why didn't you told me the true story of prince and princess? Then i would have never waited for my prince to come, i would have lived with your love and never gone with the prince.
Today my heart is broken, i am shattered, i am away from you and i am away from love. All i can see is darkness i close my eyes and find dark and i open them into more darkness. I wish i never believed in love, i wish i never waited for any prince. Those days with you i was fighting with siblings and now i am fighting with myself. I am understanding world better, i am experiencing the realities. The imaginary world has came to an end and the reality is standing straight ahead all dark black and gloomy, a women with scattered black curly hair, a women with some scratches on her neck, a women with injured head, with blood dripping out her mouth!
In pain
Your loving daughter


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