Dear You...

Subject: Dear You...
From: Trapped in the Looking-Glass
Date: 10 Mar 2019

...if the Universe sees fit, then this letter will somehow make it's way to you. If it does and you feel like this letter is for you, it is.

I miss you. I miss you so much that I can hardly withstand the pain. Every single day I want to text you...but I don't. I do not excuse what you did to me, but I don't think you are entirely yourself at this point in time.

I remember all the things we did, the words we said, the laughter we shared. I miss getting your texts all day long. I miss cuddling with you. I miss the way you that you loved me, quite simply.

But the thing I realize now is that I don't think you know what love truly means. This could be due to your age, I am not sure. Maybe you never had anyone love you the way I did. I think that you loved me the only way you knew how.

I think I took our relationship for granted due to fear. Not an excuse, but I was so afraid to lose you because I didn't want to experience this exact feeling that I am trapped in. I wasn't sure we could go the distance, due to the distance.

Please find it in your heart to contact me. The way it ended wasn't an ending at all. It's as if someone had thrown a hammer into a mirror that we were looking into. I can still see shattered fragments that look distorted... and I so badly want to tear a shard of glass against my skin to end the pain. I'm trapped in the mirror and I just want to see clearly again. Only you can help with that.