Dear society

Subject: Dear society
From: Confused hurt mother
Date: 12 Mar 2016

Why I am considered a bitter baby mama? Why am I labeled as crazy? Do you know what happent to me? The events that led to me where I am now. I am not a baby mama, I am a woman and soon to be mother who was deeply hurt and instead of keeping quite about I chose to speak up for myself.
Imagine finding out you are five weeks pregnant, and your lover reactions is joy ! You both want a baby girl and often spent long hours coming with a name for her. A name that would represent not only who she is but it also payed homage to her Abraic and black heritage. You and him begin talk about moving in and your undying love for one another. Feels nice right. Now imagine him sitting you down and telling you about that he is leaving the country because he could get into college in Texas. Then he disappers for a week. He calls you to tell you he has lung cancer a week later. and then he moved to LA and decide not to tell you...not metion he was also dating another woman..whom he been with for a year. Imgaine finding all this out in one week, after being put on bedrest for a threaten miscarriage. And then he breaks up with you because he said you made it all about the baby. How would you deal with it? What is going in your mind right now? Are you confused? Hurt? You try to move on and deal with it, right because society tells you too. You are told to give him updates and purchase everything while he does nothing. You send emails and get no response but you find out that he moved back to Texas and moved in with a woman who has child from a previous relationship that he is taken care of. He doesn't ask you anything and doesn't offer to help. How do you feel now??? Seeing them around town? What do you do? Keep your composure and watch what is suppose to be your life play out right before your eyes? How do you keep from being bitter? How do you make the hurt go away and your five months with his kid?? If you act out and email him you are crazy and can't let go. Does he know that he hurt you, does he care? All this plus trying to stay healthy and not being stressed out is running through your mind. Oh that's right you have to ignore you feelings and move on because he has and so should you. Forget that the kid is half his and you go stuck with the bill. Just suck it's okay, it will led to postpartum depression but hey you will eventually get over it. Can't have a pity party. What do you do?