Dear Santa (2017)

Subject: Dear Santa (2017)
From: Denise Parker
Date: 29 Nov 2017

Dear Santa, I'm not a kid, but I decided to write you as we approach the holiday season for 2017. As a young child, the Christmas holiday season was a special time of the year to me. From the house decorations, the holiday songs, the cooking/baking of all sorts of goodies, the walnuts, the mince pie, the fruitcake, the eggnog, etc. The gathering of family & friends; friends, who oftentimes were just as close as family members. Trying to sneak a peek of presents. Over the years I saw the love, warmth & joy of the holiday season as people dropped by the house. These are memories I cherish & hold dear, especially when things seem overwhelming; like now. In 2005 I had one accident, followed by another accident in 2006. This resulted in a back injury & other residual problems, which necessitated me having surgery in 2013 as well as RF procedures & epidurals - over the years - in order to manage my chronic pain. Recently, I've stepped-up my online search for available positions; I have a BSN degree (in nursing) & a resident producer license in life insurance. No offers yet, but I remain optimistic. That got me thinking. After having tried the typical 'adult' ways to search for a job, it popped into my mind that I should write to you Santa. I decided to reconnect with that feeling of being carefree & not take things too seriously; worrying never solved anything. Thinking of my 'ideal' job, I envision a position that would engage my creative nature (I love floral design & writing poetry), be challenging yet fun, include some travel (to NYC or Paris), have potential for advancement, work/life balance, provide an environment that celebrates diversity & appreciates the input or dialogue of all participants alike. Let me see, have I covered everything? Yep, I think so. Now, I'll go to sleep with visions of sugar plums to dance in my head. Thank you, Santa. :) [email protected]